Carpe Diem, Page 11

You hide behind the trunk of a fallen tree nearby. If you are discovered, there will be no trial, no process — you are with the bandits now, and you will be cut down like a dog. Your breathing grows heavier as the danger comes creeping on ever closer, although you manage to still yourself after a moment, just in time for the guards to pass on by you.

Suddenly, one of the guards stops by the road. He lifts up his codpiece and relieves himself in the ditch, right where Eustace is hiding. Eustace attempts to hold his breath as much as he can, but the liquids keep hitting his face and getting into his nostrils; he’s unable to hold it any longer, and he starts coughing. The guard is startled by this, and, acting in reflex, he grabs his spear and stabs Eustace right through the chest. His screams alert the other guards, who turn around and start marching back your way! What do you do?

  1. You spring out from behind the tree trunk and run as fast as possible.
  2. You hold your breath as well and pray that they pass on by.