Carpe Diem, Page 20

You’re now strapped to the bottom of a carriage. It’s not the most comfortable of places to be, but neither is a dungeon, so you better hope this works…

As you approach the town gates, Guy taps three times on the carriage to alert you that you’re getting near. After another minute or two, your carriage stops. You hear footsteps circle around it, and then a voice speaks out; “Good evening, gentlemen. Here for the festival?”

“Yes, sir.”

“And who might you be?”

“Traveling performers, sir. Maybe you’ve heard of us? We’re ‘The Loathsome Couple’. I don’t mean to brag, but we’re quite popular!”

“Right. I have no idea who you are.”

“Oh well, we’re more well-known in the south!”

“You’re from Bowl country, are you? Is it true what they say about your beer, that it’s the best in Krygon?”

“Why don’t you try it yourself?” Guy then puts his arm into the carriage and pulls out a bottle of beer, which he hands to the guard.

“Oh, you’re too kind. Of course, gentlemen… there’s still an entry fee you have to pay to get into the town. It’s a nominal sum; I hope you understand.”

“Of course. Here you go.” Guy hands him a purse of coins.

The guard shakes it up and down then says, “Welcome to Mach’Cathair, gents! Go inside now.”

And with that, you’re in!

Your carriage makes its way to the town square where the festival is being held. Guy parks it in the back, in a secluded part of the square. Tobias then dismounts and unties you. As you stand up, brushing mud off your clothing, you take a deep breath. There is certainly no going back now.

Your job now is to blend into the crowd and wait for sundown for the festival to begin. Then, your break-in to the granary can begin. As the hours pass, you familiarize yourself with the town’s layout. It’s like most towns you’ve been in: it has its craftsmen and its paupers, its laborers and its lords. As you walk about, you start to notice patterns in the guard’s patrol routines, and you file these away in your head. They can be used to your advantage later on.

Once the sun sets, the torches and the instruments come out. Despite the oppressive atmosphere, cheer and joy erupt throughout the town — the festival has begun!

To play their part, Guy and Tobias have set up a stage and make ready to begin their act. Crowds gather around their carriage, and anticipation is in the air. A homeless child, likely paid off by Guy, walks onto the stage. “Ladies and gentlemen! Are you ready for the show of your lives?! This next duo will have you laughing well into the next century! Get ready for… the Loathsome Couple! The kid then pokes his head through the curtains and says, “Okay, mister, I said what you told me to say. Can I get paid now?”

“Quiet, kid! You’ll get paid after the show. Now beat it!” Guy gives the child a bump on the head, and he runs away with a scowl. After that, the curtains split open!

Guy and Tobias are dressed up as a stereotypical husband and wife. They satirize and play out jokes about married life and how loathsome it is. The crowd initially finds it weird but eventually starts loving it. Even some of the guards are spectating the show as they do their routine patrols. It create the perfect diversion, and it is now time for you to act.

You manage to slip away undetected and make your way toward the baron’s estate. Yet as you make your way through one of the streets, you hear a patrol you hadn’t accounted for coming around the corner. What do you do?

  1. You hide away in a small alley between two houses.
  2. You scale a nearby building to gain elevation.