Sky Darkener

A black dragonhawk clinging to a cliff face.
“By the time you see his shadow, it is too late.”

A bigger image can be obtained by clicking on the picture.

Another journey and attempt at something other than a flat and sketchy comic. This is Sky Darkener, Keelath’s dragonhawk. He’s another attempt at the same style as I drew Hazlett in, where I do a line drawing, add details or shading with a pen brush, then paint it with faint watercolors to suggest at the coloring.

Overall, I think the dragonhawk came out decently, though I struggled quite a bit with the background. From the get-go, this bird wasn’t supposed to be flying, but clinging to a cliff. This is my head-canon for how dragonhawks perch, given they have no legs. However, rock faces are very hard to do and make look realistic. Then to add the dragonhawk’s shadow on top of it? Well. Let’s just say I probably should’ve just had him be flying…

Some of you who keep an eye on this page may have noticed I updated the picture above, after giving the background another go and adding more color to the dragonhawk. You can see the original image below. Which one do YOU like better?

A black dragonhawk clinging to a gray cliff.
An earlier attempt at Sky Darknener.

As of October 2021, I attempted yet another re-color of this image, with the below result. I don’t like the coloring job itself quite as much, but I think it helps him pop better on the background.

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