The Considerate Tauren

A tauren says he accidentally angered more enemies while the rest of his party are already fighting others.
The one case in which courtesy might not be such a good idea.

This comic comes out of my idea backlog. Because it’s been so long since the original incident, I don’t entirely remember this one’s setting, or who said these things, other than that Ozzel was probably in the party, and either Ian or Crom were the instigator of what amazingly didn’t become a party-wide wipe. The original incident probably took place in the dungeon THE MOTHERLODE!! (Yes, that’s exactly how it’s spelled ingame. Blame the goblins!)

It may also be worth stating on this one: I tend to edit down the wording in my comics so I’m not using gamer speak (words like “tank”, “pulled”, “wipe”, etc), but I couldn’t find an elegant way to reword this one and still get the joke across. For those who don’t play these games, dungeon groups typically have one character who is very hard to kill, but doesn’t do a lot of damage, called the tank. It’s her (or his) job to make sure all enemies are attacking only her. Sometimes one of the other party members will “pull”, which means (intentionally or otherwise) attracting the attention of more monsters who then attack the group. Normally it’s best practice for whoever “pulled” to bring the monsters to the tank so she can get them to attack her instead, but in this case, well…Crom (or whoever it was) decided it was better not to…for whatever reason.

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