Conversion: Chapter 1, Part 2

For sake of my own motivation, I’m going to try to keep posting the converted form of Seryth’s Story as it might appear in a novel to this blog. For more information on the process and why I’m doing this, see Seryth’s Story, which starts in this post, and Part 1 of Chapter 1, which can be found here. Continue reading “Conversion: Chapter 1, Part 2”

Tyrric’s Madness

Inspired by a roleplay scene, as what was going through Tyrric’s head while the Sunwalker crew discussed how to cure him of his Void corruption. This would take place shortly after Tyrric was rescued from Ny’alotha, the Black City of N’Zoth.

Author’s Note

Alelsa poked him in the ribs. At first he was merely annoyed: he wanted to sleep. Then, as she continued to poke, talked over him, he came more alert. Memories about who and where he was started to coalesce.

The expedition into the Black City had ended poorly. Everything had made sense until then. Now, nothing did, and the danger was — seemed? — constant. Continue reading “Tyrric’s Madness”

A Knight’s Purpose

“Are we just both naive?” asked Keelath, a note of forlornity in his voice.
“I suppose you have to be, to want to keep living,” said Mirium. “When we stop striving for something, for anything at all, we die.”

Yes, I looked it up. Forlornity is indeed a word.

Author’s Note

“Sylvanas was sighted in Ardenweald.”

Mirium looked up slowly at his words. Keelath stood in the doorway. There was something about his stance that in a living man would have suggested having run a marathon. A living man would be panting however, holding onto the doorframe like it was the only thing holding him up. Keelath, being undead, didn’t tire, and he didn’t breathe. Still, she could imagine him gripping the doorframe so tight he would have ripped it from the wall if he took a step forwards. Continue reading “A Knight’s Purpose”

Seryth’s Story: Conversion to Novel Format

In this post I’ll show you part of the process in converting Seryth’s Story from its Living Story form into what it might look like in a novel. Continue reading “Seryth’s Story: Conversion to Novel Format”

The Search for Seryth, Chapters 1 – 3

I’ll keep the introduction here short. I’ve started up another Living Story Roleplay character, whose story closely dovetails with Seryth’s in The Story of Seryth. Continue reading “The Search for Seryth, Chapters 1 – 3”

Seryth’s Story: Closing Thoughts

He also was able to forgive his father — both foster and the real one — in that moment. His last thought was to wonder at the fourth quel’dorei he saw, the one so much like him.

Had it been? Could it be…

OR MAYBE IT WAS Continue reading “Seryth’s Story: Closing Thoughts”

The Story of Seryth, Chapters 29 through to the Epilogue

Chapter 29: It was early when Seryth left Jalinde's bed and took a morning ride through Dalaran. He angle out over the Broken Isles, visiting the closest of his small army's outposts. Something was missing. He needed more men still, more power, if he hoped to counter a demonic invasion.

He passed over the lands of Azsuna and bid his felsteed to touch down. The land was still beautiful and lush — certainly by Westfall standards — but there was something faded about it in comparison to the splendor of Val’sharah, as well. Seryth reflected it matched his mood as he sent the felsteed down old roads, grass pushing up between the cobblestones. The land had once been inhabited by highborne, but no longer, their ruins still bearing the scars of the demons, who had destroyed the great civilization long ago. Continue reading “The Story of Seryth, Chapters 29 through to the Epilogue”

The Story of Seryth, Chapters 26-28

Chapter 26: He fell to despair that night. He rode into Darkshire late in the night, asking for a room at the inn. The hassle of setting camp and making a meal was not one he wanted to handle at that moment, with so many doubts and fears swirling in his head. The inn was nearly empty that night, and Seryth sat by the fire in the common room, alone with his brooding thoughts.

If the shard had always been inside of him, it had always been slowly corrupting him. The events at Thelsamar, even the tortured worgen and farmers in his past, made all too much sense. Even though he could lay the blame at the shard’s feet, he couldn’t get around the knowing that it was still him who had cast the spells, who had killed and hurt so many people.

Yet, if it was the shard that had started all this, then perhaps removing the shard from his chest would end the nightmare. Continue reading “The Story of Seryth, Chapters 26-28”

The Story of Seryth, Chapters 22 – 25

Chapter 22: The twilight panther turned out to be the archdruid Seryth had been seeking: Tharon Moonclaw. He was willing to listen to Seryth, having seen him fly in on the back of the queen of the faerie dragons, which the archdruid said were elusive and difficult to gain the trust of. The queen faerie dragon, for her part, murmured to Seryth that she'd be around, then shrank to the size of a cat, her colors blending into her surroundings until Seryth couldn't tell her apart from the trees.

Tharon claimed the same demon creatures that been attacking the forest were responsible for the Wild God’s malaise, and further confirmed that no Wild God would be able to help Seryth until the attacks abated. He also said he could tell Seryth was not what he seemed and hiding magic as dark as the horned kal’dorei — he called them satyrs — also wielded. Grudgingly, under this subtle threat, Seryth agreed to hunt the leaders of the satyr. Continue reading “The Story of Seryth, Chapters 22 – 25”

The Story of Seryth, Chapters 19 – 21

Chapter 19: Seryth didn't know how long he lay convalescing for. The air seemed to be of a different quality, less musty than the dwarven bunkers, more open and airy like the wilderness. Though he only opened his eyes a few times, and recognized what he saw even less, he could tell the hangings and carvings on the walls around him weren't made by any dwarf or human. They were made by quel'dorei. He was in Quel'Danil.

The loyal gryphon had brought him out of Jintha’Alor. A Farstrider had found the wounded beast stumbling through the Hinterlands forests and took it to Quel’Danil to be treated. More reluctantly, they had also brought Seryth along. Continue reading “The Story of Seryth, Chapters 19 – 21”