How to Tame a Gryphon

To be a gryphon rider, you must know the Aerie.

For the Glory of King and Country!

Your responsibilities, commitments, and duties:

This is what you have signed up to do by oath: what you will have to do for whom and what the penalties are for not doing it.

Your responsibilities include: fighting in all wars or conflicts as ordered; appearing when summoned by your authorities, including: you commanding officers, your local lord(s), your King and Queen; serving as a courier; protecting the land from invaders; protecting the cities and the people within them; looking after your fellow gryphon riders and your gryphon(s).

Your commitments: you must commit yourself to the above criteria and not fail your charge.

Duties: patrolling the land, couriering, following all orders given, protecting the land, the King, the cities and the people.

Penalties for disobedience:

For less serious offenses: jail time, fines, restrictions on flying and usage of Tarithian facilities and resources, temporary confiscation of your gryphon(s).

For serious crimes: permanent confiscation of your gryphon(s), abolishment of your flying rights and use of facilities and resources, lifetime confinement, and lastly, penalty of death.

Your servitude to your King and Country:

You have made an oath to serve your King, local lord, and Tarith Herself. You must uphold that oath to the end of your days. If you break this oath, penalties will be taken, and you and your supervisor and squad will lose respect. You belong to your King: your right and opportunity to be a gryphon rider comes down through your King’s kindness and his divine right to rule under Carro. You will do as your King commands, and what you do is a reflection of your King. Hence, any unlawful action taken by you is a direct disrespect to him.

What you will receive:

Your rewards for carrying out your duties are many, including: land, riches, resources, women, weapons, flying access, glory, pedigree, tax exemptions, special pardons, titles, nobility, and knighthood.

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