Brothers Apart, Part Six

“Yes, but did you ever think about what it had meant to me?” she returned hotly.

“Isn’t that what I am doing now?” he asked.

When he didn’t think about it, things were fine. 

He had replaced the squires who had left the manor, all with good sin’dorei stock from Silvermoon, who looked up to him with respect and admiration and viewed his indulgences with his warlock wife with good humor or at least with acceptance. The training was progressing even faster than before, and Tyrric was fiercely proud of his students. Once N’Zoth showed his tentacled face to the Horde, these men and women would be among the first to start poking the creature’s many eyes out, Tyrric was sure. Continue reading “Brothers Apart, Part Six”

Brothers Apart, Part Five

There weren’t crickets in Orgrimmar. Or if there were, they were an overly-large, spikey kind that couldn’t sing. That seemed to describe a lot of things in Orgrimmar, Mirium thought, as she listened to the muffled howling of one of the orcs downstairs as he tidied up the Doomguard barracks. The first time she had heard him, she’d come running with a weapon in hand to beat back his torturer. With an offended frown, the orc grunted he was only singing a traditional sweeping chanty and that that the cat seemed to like it. Mirium had slunk back to her room amid more bellows of sweeping off enemy heads and sweeping enemy legs out from under them and even sweeping through a land in conquest, feeling mortified and quite confused. Continue reading “Brothers Apart, Part Five”

Brothers Apart, Part Four

She lay across from him, and wondered if she still loved him.

The answer was immediate. Ridiculous. Of course she did! Her heart still pounded when he touched her, feeling like it burst from her chest when he remembered to look her way, or better yet spent long evenings with her. He had had so little of those to spare lately…

Maybe that was why it was so painful. Each absence was longer, each demonstration of affection less. He was just going through a hard time, what with his controlling brother and his patsy wife, Alelsa told herself.

Then she grit her teeth hard. She didn’t want to think of those two. Continue reading “Brothers Apart, Part Four”

Brothers Apart, Part Three

“You did what?”

Furen was not normally so evocative. Tyrric lay down the scroll he was perusing slowly, frowning at the nightborne.

“Did I not make myself clear?” he asked. “The stable master position is now empty. You are to assume those duties until I find another to fill it.”

“I know. That’s… not what I meant. You exiled Mirium?” Continue reading “Brothers Apart, Part Three”

Brothers Apart, Part Two

Just Tyrric. Supposed to be safety. Helping her. He wasn’t. It was a lie, a horrid lie, and her anger bubbled, too great and terrible to express… Then the emotion turned to panic and pain.

She stared at Tyrric. Something in her chest was struggling to get out, beating wings of distress against her rib cage. Then the vertigo came. What was happening? How had this come to be? Continue reading “Brothers Apart, Part Two”

Brothers Apart, Part One

This series saw a facelift in January 2022 as part of the Great Revision. Some of the most notable edits include moving some scenes to Deleted Scenes, finishing replacing the Tyrdan character and tag with Tyrric, and adding the Alelsa tag.

Author’s Note

“What are you–are you mad?!”

Tyrric commanded himself not to flinch and, with a kind of gratitude, felt affronted anger replace the weakness in his limbs. “You heard me,” he said coldly.

He schooled himself into a dignified pose and a dignified expression, even as his insides burned hot with rage. How dare his brother question him! Continue reading “Brothers Apart, Part One”