The Shaping of Seryth, Chapters 6 – 8

Chapter 6: The rogue ren'dorei around the ruins of the old mana-forges of Kael'Thas. The machines had long since gone dormant, yet Seryth could still feel the crackle of energy throughout the area. Even the whelpling perked up and seemed a little more alert as they entered Netherstorm.

At first, Seryth had planned to circle above the camps and consider a way to convince the ren’dorei to speak to him — whether through honest negotiation or through infiltration. Malfas decided his course of action for him, though, diving out of the sky on the first elf he saw. The rest of the ren’dorei reacted accordingly, readying weapons and spells, and Seryth just sighed. Continue reading “The Shaping of Seryth, Chapters 6 – 8”

The Search for Seryth, Chapters 7 – 9

Chapter 7: "You should get out of Westfall while you can," Saldean was saying. In response to Ezran saving his son, the family had invited him to dinner. The far was poor -- scraped together by whatever bits of food hadn't been taken by the lord's thugs -- but Ezran paid his compliments to the cook, Saldean's wife Salma, regardless.

“I can’t just turn a blind eye to this and leave,” said Ezran. “I fought in the wars. I could help you with this warlock lord and his thugs.”

“You are but one man,” said Saldean. Continue reading “The Search for Seryth, Chapters 7 – 9”

The Shaping of Seryth, Prologue – Chapter 2

The Story of Seryth continues! Mind you, I’m not entirely sure where I’ll go with this one. Unlike Seryth’s original tale and now Ezran’s, I don’t have a clear idea in my head of his story’s progression other than that he (maybe) redeems himself. I suppose we will put the brainstorming technique of Living Story Roleplay to the test, then!

If you haven’t read my other Living Story Roleplays, then read the following for some navigation tips: Continue reading “The Shaping of Seryth, Prologue – Chapter 2”

The Search for Seryth, Chapters 4 – 6

Chapter 4: A small group of farmers were gathered at the Furlbrow farm when Ezran rode up. One was even in a Stormwind uniform: it seemed the death of the Furlbrows had reached the ears of the kingdom authorities. Whatever had happened must've been serious.

Ezran double-checked his disguise before joining the gathering. He could see the Stormwind official was getting impatient, and no wonder, the farmers were telling stories of everything from a demon to a murloc as having been responsible for the Furlbrows’ death. Thinking of the faint scent of fel he had caught in Sentinel’s Hill, Ezran wondered at the former.

As the hypotheses of the farmers grew more and more wild, Ezran stepped in. Continue reading “The Search for Seryth, Chapters 4 – 6”

Tyrric’s Madness, Part Five

“So, you don’t love her,” said Keelath, putting his hands on his hips, “but then you love her enough to go and do that to her. The whole manor could have heard you, you know, if the whole manor had been full.”

“Shut up,” snapped Tyrric. Continue reading “Tyrric’s Madness, Part Five”

Tyrric’s Madness, Part Four

This is one of those scenes where I will probably come back to it in half a year and find it completely cringe-worthy.

Also, a minor content warning as Tyrric considers suicide, followed by a romance. (I told you: totally cringe-worthy!)

Author’s Note

Tyrric considered Continue reading “Tyrric’s Madness, Part Four”