Brothers Apart

This series saw a facelift in January 2022 as part of the Great Revision. Some of the most notable edits include moving some scenes to Deleted Scenes, finishing replacing the Tyrdan character and tag with Tyrric, and adding the Alelsa tag.

Author’s Note

“What are you–are you mad?!”

Tyrric commanded himself not to flinch and, with a kind of gratitude, felt affronted anger replace the weakness in his limbs. “You heard me,” he said coldly.

He schooled himself into a dignified pose and a dignified expression, even as his insides burned hot with rage. How dare his brother question him! Continue reading “Brothers Apart”

The Rise of Keelath

I remember nothing. This was my first thought.

This short was written from the point of view of my death knight character in World of Warcraft. It’s a little bloody because, well, death knight! (I’d roughly rate it as PG-13.) Continue reading “The Rise of Keelath”