The Rise of Keelath, Part Five

I couldn’t decipher how much of the reports of Evelos’ Shadow corruption was coming from Tyrric’s own madness or was true, and I was unable to investigate for as long as he lived in Stormwind. The urgency to act before my memories slipped from me entirely was becoming more frantic. Mirium still lived, or at least I had heard no news to the contrary. Dark rumors regarding her and a failed marriage to a cruel magister was surfacing in Silvermoon.

While Evelos looked after his pregnant lover and Tyrric tried in vain to beget the same condition in Alelsa, I knew it would have to be my duty to find Mirium. I try not to be resentful, but it was hard not to see his foolishness as the result of Alelsa’s manipulations. Continue reading “The Rise of Keelath, Part Five”

Brothers Apart, Part Three

“You did what?”

Furen was not normally so evocative. Tyrric lay down the scroll he was perusing slowly, frowning at the nightborne.

“Did I not make myself clear?” he asked. “The stable master position is now empty. You are to assume those duties until I find another to fill it.”

“I know. That’s… not what I meant. You exiled Mirium?” Continue reading “Brothers Apart, Part Three”

Brothers Apart, Part Two

Just Tyrric. Supposed to be safety. Helping her. He wasn’t. It was a lie, a horrid lie, and her anger bubbled, too great and terrible to express… Then the emotion turned to panic and pain.

She stared at Tyrric. Something in her chest was struggling to get out, beating wings of distress against her rib cage. Then the vertigo came. What was happening? How had this come to be? Continue reading “Brothers Apart, Part Two”