Here’s Looking at You, Kid

Hazlett chewing on a stick and looking sarcastic.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, happy birthday.”

This is actually a few days late, ahem. But…HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Orwyn, our illustrious leader of the guild Stormwind Union over on the combined server of Cenarion Circle and Sisters of Elune.

This is Hazlett, a worgen character who likes to chew on sticks. He’s a member of the Stormwind Watch, hence the coloring.

Getting me references for this image turned out to be a kind of Mission: Impossible. Orwyn’s real life fiance and his second-in-command of the guild had to try several times to get him to go AFK so one of them could sneak screenshots of the character while the other could check his roleplay profile to get any details that might not display on his ingame character model. Often, I take references from Blizzard’s Armory, and often, Hazlett is wearing an outfit that shows his face. Not this time: when I checked he had a full-face helmet on! Cue the theme song and my helpers coming up with plans to get pictures of Hazlett while Orwyn remained clueless as to what was going on. I’m told this mission was accomplished successfully, and the surprise gift was delivered today in our Discord channel.

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