Classic Totem Woes

A troll shaman walks away from his totem, telling it to behave while he's gone.
That means you, Searing Totem!

This is more applicable to Classic World of Warcraft than the retail version. In Classic, there was no way to dismiss your totems, and the ones that attacked enemies for you would often target random things passing by whether or not you were currently fighting. Sometimes this led to enemies chasing you from across a valley without warning as your old totem attacked something after you had already moved on from the area.

In Battle for Azeroth, totems only heal or provide passive buffs. Still, I used the more modern appearance for the troll fire totem as well as clothing items that can only be found in Battle for Azeroth zones, as these were funner to draw. Pictured behind Yotingo is some hills of the Barrens.

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