Coach “Heroic Leap” Apple Is Here!

A worgen warrior heroic leaps into the middle of Zandalari trolls and raptors, while his draenei paladin tank looks on in disapproval.
It’s FIINE. Really!

A bigger image can be obtained by clicking on the picture.

Unlike most of my comics, this started as a retelling of something goofy my guildies did, rather than something I witnessed myself. Apparently, Apple uses Heroic Leap to get wherever he’s going. All the time. This is apparently his M.O. since Fiine, his usual tank, told him he’s too slow-moving in Mythic dungeons. Now he bounces off the scenery, into the totems, off the bridges, and of course, into the middle of monsters Fiine hasn’t attacked yet.

The story I was told came from a run through the World of Warcraft dungeon King’s Rest, and this comic depicts the bridge between the second and third bosses. A fourth hidden panel shows Fiine chucking Apple off the bridge.

The title “Coach” comes from the fact Apple runs +16 keystones on his main, while the rest of us scrubs are still figuring out +8’s and +9’s. I wonder if we’re supposed to emulate him in heroic leaping, too? I suppose there’s only one way to find out…

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