Colored line art of Ondolemar, an Elder Scrolls altmer and an original blood elf player character in World of Warcraft.
Don’t mess with the elf with the magic gun.

This came out of a roleplay session, in which Ondolemar, a friend’s blood elf priest character, on the Cenarion Circle server of World of Warcaft, whipped out a magic gun to shoot his enemies with, rather than rely on something more mundane like a smite of the Light or whack to the head. The image was so clear in my mind’s eye that I had to draw it.

The Elder Scrolls fans among you might also recognize Ondolemar as an Altmer character in Skyrim, which I’m told this character was shamelessly based on. Though I can’t recall if the Skyrim version of the character was part of the Thalmor faction, his clothing and coloring here was influenced by that lore.

The coloring and lines are perhaps not quite as cleaned up as I would normally do since this wasn’t a commission, though I’m getting more comfortable whipping out this quality of art without having to put a ton of effort in. If I had to pick something to improve, it’d be the weird chest-plate, but I’m most proud of his knees.

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