A Meeting Observed

Character Icon of Talthan, Old God minion. Talthan Dawnspell sat back in his chair, fingers steepled as he finished observing the outcome of the fight on the shimmering disc floating in front of him. He opened a ledger from his desk and flicked through until he found the relevant entry.

“Well, well, well. It seems we have a new player to consider. And one with a connection to a particular friend of ours. Perhaps it’s time to arrange a meeting… “

He waved a messenger over. The troll loped across to his desk, waiting attentively for his instructions.

“Find this Malcotin for me. Let him know that we may be able to provide him some assistance towards reaching his goals… for a price, of course. If he’s interested, tell him we shall be in touch soon to make the necessary arrangements. You have our authority to agree to any realistic requests on our behalf.”

He waved the messenger away and returned to the ledger, flicking over a few more pages at a time while he studied a handful of other entries of interest. “Yes, this may be the opening we wanted to deal with Sunwalker, and reclaim what was ours.”

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