The Setting of Sirith

“Excuse me. Are you the Lord Paladin’s aide?”

The wuyon’mar looked up with a slight scowl. “Yes. What can I do for you?”

“I need to speak to him.”

“If it’s a patrol or expedition request, you file through me, not Captain Fordrellon.”

“No,” said Sirith. “It’s, well…” Might as well be honest. “It’s about a threat to the entire fiefdom.”

The wuyon’mar paused, squinting at him as if the look alone might cause him to melt and reveal his inner secrets. Perhaps he was another truthseer like Fordrellon. Sirith stood fast under the scrutiny, however, even as he shoved his trembling hands in his pockets.

“Very well,” the wuyon’mar finally said. “Take those steps up into the tower, up the spiral staircase, second door on the second floor. Show this seal, or you won’t be let in.”

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