Character Studies for the Nameless

These are some concept art pieces for the character behind “The Nameless Accounts, also known as… er, minor spoiler, Ezran. I explain some of the concept process for each image.

Facial Structure

This exercise was more to stretch my understanding of facial structure then it was to make character concepts for Ezran. The lower middle image is his most accurate structure, though I am rather fond of Dwarf Ezran in the upper right, and the upper middle feels like an Elder Scrolls Bosmer. Meanwhile, the lower left has the facial structure of Neddryn from “The Hottest Day of the Year”, though not his hairstyle.

facial structures character study for Ezran, the Nameless


Facial structure is further refined by drawing a bunch of expressions for Ezran. These also help define the character, as I’m sure you’ve noticed Continue reading “Character Studies for the Nameless”

The Setting of Sirith

For a while, I have been making use of Living Story Roleplay in World of Warcraft to map out the plotline for Seryth/Sirith. This spawned three short series including “The Story of Seryth“, explaining Sirith’s origin as a baddie, “The Shaping of Seryth“, acting as a sequel to Story and detailing what happens to Sirith after his defeat, and then the unfinished “The Search for Seryth“, which introduces Ezran and his quest to try and redeem the broken warlock. (Regarding the confusion of the name: “Sirith” is the character’s actual name, but it was taken on the WoW server I rolled him up on, so he became “Seryth” for the Living Story. In this post, he is back to being Sirith, since the setting is also back to being Talmenor, not Azeroth.)

However, when it came to Ezran and Sirith’s final meeting, where Shaping and Search were supposed to collide, I couldn’t make it work out: the scenarios available to me in-game couldn’t carry the weight or significance I needed.

Sirith’s tale in particular petered out, while Ezran’s threatened to overshadow him in a way I felt wasn’t fitting for the overall theme of the plot. Ezran is a larger-than-life character already, coming out of a series of his own (more on that later) yet somehow Sirith must transcend him, as the student always surpasses the master. So, it wouldn’t do for Sirith to come crawling back to Ezran without achieving some kind of heroics of his own. “The Shaping of Seryth” still has some moments I like as far as character development goes, but it doesn’t really go anywhere as a story, and I knew that needed to change.

Finally, I distanced myself from the Living Story Roleplay entirely and let these scenes write themselves without the guidance. It’s a fast-paced read for what feels like a novel worth of plot, much like the Living Stories, and when it comes to writing the fuller book there are many spots I will need to fill in.

I will probably still end up stealing some of the better moments from the Living Story series as well, particularly Ezran’s. It had some good timing.

Author’s Note

He came from Svenby, he said. It was one of those towns no one had ever heard of, except that one tavern drunkard who only talked about it when he was deep in his cups and reminiscing about the war. “Reminiscing” was a polite word for it; those were often the nights the bouncer had to drag him out in the morning, barely conscious and still begging for more drinks to drown the memories. Given this effect on the drunkard, no one asked him to elaborate either. Continue reading “The Setting of Sirith”

The Nameless Accounts, Book One

The Kingslayer War.

The First Shadow Rising.

The akor’mari.

These words once struck fear across the continent of Talmenor. For the first time, the Nameless breaks his silence: how one akor’mar broke from the cruelty of his kind and came to govern the fates of many…

By A. Broadhead

the Nameless Accounts, scrolls 1 through 30

Originally scribed by Deft, rukh-bound to Magister Kali Hornsmith
Edited by Ezran Baenarn
Library of Castellea in Castellea, Tarith

Here follows the accounts of his memories, from earliest recalling to Cha'chk'rand'dala'he i.e. Swallowing-of-the-Dark in Sailor's Speech.

These scrolls are maintained by the Holy Order of Shen-Bahan, for the purposes of better understanding our enemies.

I was born many, many years ago, in the city of Vuzsdin.

My name is not important. I am not a hero, though some have called me that. I am not a villain, though many have given me that name as well.

I am an akor’mar.

The Surfacers would like to believe my home city, and my race, are no more. Vuzsdin was assaulted ages ago, broken, buried. The akor’mari were hunted, like we had so often hunted others. Broken, buried. The Surfacers believe they have ushered in a new era of peace now that we are no more.

But I know better. We are akor’mari. We always survive.

Perhaps my story will show that, that the old blood has not died out, that the akor’mar race still lives on. Maybe. Maybe not. It does not matter. This is my story.

I was born many, many years ago, in the city of Vuzsdin...


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The Shaping of Seryth

The Story of Seryth continues! Mind you, I’m not entirely sure where I’ll go with this one. Unlike Seryth’s original tale and now Ezran’s, I don’t have a clear idea in my head of his story’s progression other than that he (maybe) redeems himself. I suppose we will put the brainstorming technique of Living Story Roleplay to the test, then!

If you haven’t read my other Living Story Roleplays, then read the following for some navigation tips: Each chapter is headed by an image with text inside; if you have trouble reading the text, a transcript can be found in the alt text. The numbered buttons at the bottom of the page allow you to change chapters.

Happy hunting!

The Search for Seryth

I’ll keep the introduction here short. I’ve started up another Living Story Roleplay character, whose story closely dovetails with Seryth’s in The Story of Seryth. If you’re curious about what a Living Story Roleplay is, check my other explanation in Seryth’s Story!

Each chapter is headed by an image with text inside: if you have trouble reading the text, a transcript can be found in the alt text. The numbered buttons at the bottom of the page allow you to change chapters.

Happy hunting!