Flames by the Campfire

So, from all corners of Talmenor in which the tokagi resided, entourages of wise folk flocked to Makuta’Mata. Some came to finally settle old debates, others to learn, and yet others to earn fame to their name… While some, well, some just appeared to have a bit of fun.

Upon finishing his speech, a slew of whispers appeared among the gathered crowd. Before Kiki-Riki could even sit down, Chum-Bum rapidly stood up and confronted Kiki-Riki.

“Fool! You speak of things you have no understanding of! I should assault you with stones as you requested, but you are undeserving of such a lenient fate.

“Not only have you blasphemed, but you have also spread lies. Against your blasphemies, the heavens themselves will charge you in due time, but against your lies, I will challenge you.”

With that said, Chum-Bum crossed over to the outside of their circle and started walking around the campfire: the manner in which he did so quite indignant, as if he could hardly bear to stoop to such. When he finally returned to his position, he commented further, “I ask you now, Kiki-Riki. What was that?”

“To me, it seems as if you walked in a circle.”

“Did I?”

“What is your point?”

“Did you not moments prior say that there is no movement and no change in this world? How do you explain that then? Was that not change?”

Kiki-Riki went silent for a few moments, a deep silence covered the campfire, except for the burning logs. Kiki-Riki then burst into a laughter so boisterous and so condescending that it startled the birds in the nearby trees. Once he finally managed to compose himself, he sat down and replied. “My friend, you have proven at least one thing for me. You were a fool when you came here, and you are still a fool. Nothing has changed in the world and nothing will, no matter how many circles you may walk.”

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