Flames by the Campfire

So, from all corners of Talmenor in which the tokagi resided, entourages of wise folk flocked to Makuta’Mata. Some came to finally settle old debates, others to learn, and yet others to earn fame to their name… While some, well, some just appeared to have a bit of fun.

Maki-Kiki then jumped up from his spot and joyously said, “Yahoo! This is so fun! I want to join in. Can I go next? Can I go next, please?!”

The crowd grumbles and hisses at such a foolish tokagi being given leave to speak, but Chief Punji-Mata steps in and silences them all. “Silence! Very well, Maki-Kaki, you may proceed. Every guest is equal here today. Tell us. What do you think is our collective origin?”

Maki-Kaki then began frolicking around the campfire, speaking as he goes. “Well see, I think that everything came to be through dance. It is really obvious, is it not? I dance. You dance. We all dance! So. Why can’t everything else dance as well? Everyone loves a good dance…”

The Chief then said, “Thank you, Maki, that is very interesting–”

“Wait! I’m not done yet. You see, I believe what Bushes over there said earlier about the Light and the Shadow and love, but methinks that everyone who is in love dances. Otherwise, it makes no sense to me. And that’s the truth!

“The Light and the Shadow danced and they danced and they danced, until they got bored. ‘Cause you see, there are only so many dances you can do with just two people. But they weren’t done dancing, you see, so they decided to create everything else to dance with them!

“Oh, what a wonderful waltz it must have been up there! So, Mama Light and Papa Shadow danced on with their kiddies, but like any children, the kiddies wanted to copy their parents. So, they began dancing their own dances and creating their own creatures!

“This got out of hand pretty fast though, as there is only so much space you can dance in before everyone starts hitting each other. So, as kids often do, some of the children got rowdy and started attacking their brothers and sisters!

“Now this made Mama Light and Papa Shadow very angry, so they spanked them. It is pretty hard to dance with an aching bum, don’t you know it?

“That’s why I dance all the time, you see. Especially when I get hungry, I start dancing in the hopes that I can create a succulent fly above me, and would you know it, it almost always works! You all should dance more. Maybe if you danced more, then you would not be so angry all the time and at each other’s tails!”

The crowd was obviously irate by his speech. Each village had sent their brightest minds, except for Oro-Kara. They had instead sent them their village idiot. Were they making fun of them, or were they simply trying to get rid of him?

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