Flames by the Campfire

So, from all corners of Talmenor in which the tokagi resided, entourages of wise folk flocked to Makuta’Mata. Some came to finally settle old debates, others to learn, and yet others to earn fame to their name… While some, well, some just appeared to have a bit of fun.

Infuriated by his comments, Chum-Bum picked up a stone from the ground nearby. As he was getting ready to throw it at Kiki-Riki, some of his entourage managed to step in in time and grab his arm. The village chief then stepped in and called out.

“Stop this madness! I will not have this infighting in my village! Chum-Bum! If you want to fight, then fight with your words. You tell us what the truth is!”

“Very well. I shall tell you what the truth is, for it is a divine truth! In the beginning, there was the Light and the Shadow, and they loved each other dearly, for only those in love can come together and separate over and over. Such is the case for all living beings, not just the deities.

“Through their love came creation as we know it. Even our precious Talmenor came out of this copulation. Yes, it is true, brothers and sisters! Talmenor has an anima just as you or I, and it too had many children, which later became a part of it. All the seas and all the mountains that we see are its children, just as we are its descendants…

“Love, brothers and sisters! Love is what is the truth of being! For love has a tendency to bond… and to then change what was. That is why I urge you to reject the lies of this blasphemer! He would have you believe that everything is one, thus, stripping you of your ability to love. Love cannot exist in just a single soul, for to reject this truth is to reject love itself. What kind of world is that world which has no love in it? It is a sad world… a dead world. A world unworthy of life!”

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