A Fond Farewell

The Gentleman Assassins raid gathers to bid our raid leader Ian a fond farewell! In rough order of appearance, left to right and top to bottom, we have: Ozzel, Lucy, Blakkthorne and/or Sunflower, Crom, Yotingo, Alelsa, Bleekshril, Gobdruid, Friend, Shiften, Tandralyne, Krampus, Sortiara, Razorfist, Alunetien, Arrowkeys, Joystick, Casals, Tyrdan, RAV, Allardel, Jacob, and Bealeida.
In rough order of appearance, left to right and top to bottom, we have: Ozzel, Lucy, Blakkthorne and/or Sunflower, Crom, Yotingo, Alelsa, Bleekshril, Gobdruid, Friend, Shiften, Tandralyne, Krampus, Sortiara, Razorfist, Alunetien, Arrowkeys, Joystick, Casals, Tyrdan, RAV, Allardel, Jacob, and Bealeida.

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March Update

(And really, partially a February Update, as I didn’t write a news post for most of February….)

March In Summary

In summary, March was a busy month! March saw:

February In Summary

As I didn’t post an update covering the rest of February, I figure it’s worth mentioning some of the work done here, as well. The end of February saw:

  • The re-posting of most of my short stories and lore articles for the Elder Scrolls universe.
  • The introduction of the character Keelath in the fanfiction series The Rise of Keelath, who has since popped up in a few other shorts.
  • The beginning of the fanfiction series Son of Silvermoon, which has also been continued into March.

The Future?

I have my irons in many fires now, but in April, I hope to focus on these goals:

  • Continuing my Auction House research, including posting the latest findings from the data I took throughout March and the end of February.
  • A restructuring of the site that will be more conducive to organizing series, whether those series belong to the web comic or my fiction.
  • And of course, more web comics! The posting of these will continue on my DeviantArt account as well as here.
  • I may also start doing more Special Editions that show the processes that go into my artwork, as well deleted scenes from my fiction. This will probably always be on a case-to-case basis rather than a scheduled thing, but if there’s ever a question burning in your mind about my work, please leave a comment!

Foundry Sunset

Sad news today. I just received word that Neverwinter will be closing down its Foundry for good.

Neverwinter is an MMORPG set in Dungeons & Dragons’ Forgotten Realms setting, using a version of the 4th Edition D&D ruleset. It had an editor named the Foundry that gave players the ability to create their own quests and dungeons, complete with branching dialogue, monsters, simple puzzles, and (pre-generated) quest rewards, for other players to play through and critique.

Though it had its flaws, for me and many others, it was the main draw of the game. I won’t forget adventures like faithful renditions of Drizzt’s battle with the Many Arrows orcs, doing my in-character introduction for my roleplay guild <Order of the Broken Path>, knocking over mountains of crates just for the heck of it, evenings spent in specially created taverns chatting with other roleplayers, and even a quirky quest about saving a village from hallucinatory cheese.

a row of Foundry authors with their nameplates visible
Some of the aforementioned adventures were brought to you by one of these Foundry Authors. I’m the drow on the far right.
From left to right: Theolus “Foundry Apprentice” of The Broken Path, Tony Chianti “Foundry Neophyte” of Infernal Paragons, Eixelebrat “Foundry Grandmaster” of NWLC Alpha, Ian Darksword “Foundry Stalwart” of Noble Misfits, Irras Locksheon “Moonstar Agent” of The Court of Bones, Claudia Helder “Foundry Grandmaster” of Jagged Daggers, Rendis Redhair “Foundry Neophyte” of Elite Mercenaria, Thia Duskwalker “Foundry Graduate” of Order of the Raven, CruelBanana “The Blue” of Reborn Immortals, Nedryn Zauth “Foundry Apprentice” of Order of the Silent Shroud
(Photo credit to Locksheon.)

I myself created a small campaign following the story of a drow who had fled the Underdark after his daughter had been turned into an evil priestess of Lloth. He surfaced somewhere in the Anarouch Desert, met a sharp-tongued wood elf who reluctantly befriended him, and eventually found faith in Amaunator (Lathander), the god of the sun and truth. The campaign is still available until April 11th on Neverwinter. If you care to give it a look-up, it is called the Fox’s Den; author is @kevaar. Please note, given the current status of the Foundry, some bugs may exist that I can no longer control.

I’m just a little choked up it’ll all be gone soon, really. Over the next few weeks I’ll be salvaging what I can, perhaps to retool for a pen and paper module. Or perhaps greater things lie in store? The community of Foundry authors, while small, has been wonderful, and we’re considering refocusing our creative efforts into making a community based on creating quests and perhaps even our own indie RPG. It’s too early to tell yet.

In the meantime, it was good while it lasted. We’ll miss you, Foundry. Should you resurface in some form, whether in this game or another, don’t be a stranger, hey?

Neverwinter Foundry authors waving goodbye Foundry closing down
Here’s to our next adventure! (Photo credit to JayAgeDee.)

I Scored!

Though I am still waiting back on the verdict from the latest publisher I am trying Hottest Day on, I have another squee to share in the meantime. I have been extended a contract to start work on some RPG supplements to be posted later this year on DriveThruRPG!

If you haven’t heard of them, DriveThruRPG is a website specializing in posting supplements for RPG systems like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and Vampire: The Masquerade. Both official rulebooks and supplements as well as those written by third party professionals can be found here. Though there is some self-interest in my suggesting you go poke at the site, it’s also a nifty place to find inspiration for your next RPG adventure.

We are also looking at getting it posted onto Open Gaming Store. Open Gaming Store is similar to DriveThruRPG, though its audience is slightly smaller and does not carry some of the bigger-name brands. That said, many of their indie rule sets are still compatible with Pathfinder, 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, and other popular game systems.

Finally, if we can figure out Amazon’s archaic rules, a hardcopy (as in literal book!) will be released there, as well.

I am treating this as my first big break into the industry and am really quite excited! The world of my novels-in-the-making will soon be available to play with your favorite RPG system! To give you a teaser (and there is self-interest in this preview as well), I’ll be posting the descriptions of the akor’mari race (as the race featured in Hottest Day...whenever that sees the light of day) as well as some locations from the island of Avaliet. Enjoy!

Cross-Posts from Tamriel Rebuilt

Whew! Today I worked long and hard transferring all of my past lore posts for Tamriel Rebuilt onto this blog. There are still a few missing that I will get back to in due time, but in the meantime, enjoy!

If you would like to discuss the lore, please, leave a comment! You can also follow me on Reddit, where I post my favorite Elder Scrolls shorts as I make them. And, of course, if you wish to know why I write so many of these, please check out the longstanding province mod Tamriel Rebuilt, which is available on Nexus for download and play.

February Update

New Site

First, new site. Yay! If you read my first post on here, you already know what this is all about!

New Story

Second, new story. Yay! I finished a new story today! At 20k words, it probably falls into the category of novella. Just like Hottest Day, I hope to increase this word count to 75k so it can be qualified as a bonafide novel, though that will take some time. I plan to send this around to publications that accept novellas in the meanwhile, to accrue a little more author’s credit under my belt until my big one strikes.

More About the Story:

Like many of my longer stories, it was inspired by roleplay sessions, this time from World of Warcraft. In those sessions, an elf character and a human character fell in love despite the wishes of the elf’s conniving uncle. This is pretty standard fare for roleplay and Warcraft fanfiction, so I went bigger.

In my story, twenty years have gone be, and the elf and the human have indeed married and had themselves a kiddo. Yet, the warring between human- and elf-kind have heated up so much the elf was slain, and the human was forced to give up said kiddo to the conniving uncle, who promised to keep her safe as she grew up. The kiddo had other ideas (as kiddos always do), and sets forth with the intent of discovering the true history of her family and to stop the war–much to the displeasure of the uncle. There are some other twists and turns in there (they are obligatory where this particular uncle is concerned), but that is the gist.

To tie in better to the storylines and world of Hottest Day, yes, the Shadow plays a role in the story, and the akor’mari are mentioned, but I also brought in the Light, and the elf-flavored race of the day are the wuyon’mari, a Light-aligned posh society based in the northern Shey Lands.

Unfortunately, I haven’t come up with a name for this story except the working title of “The Half-Blood”. (This is better than usual, as most of the stories in my writing file are named after their main characters.) If anyone has an idea of what to call this story, please leave a comment below about what you think!

Hottest Day of the Year

Speaking of Hottest Day, I have gotten my third rejection for this novel. I am not letting this live me down and am still in the process of sending it out. No news is sad news, but I will continue until I get good news, or make my own!

A Warcraft Experiment

February also brings with it an experiment. I am edging into the business of selling used books on Amazon. Currently these books are just out of my (and my family’s) collection, but I eventually intend to become a book hawker and go around scrounging unwanted books to add to my inventory. To sharpen my accounting and business skills, I am going to experiment in doing the same in World of Warcraft’s economy.

I have rolled up a new character on a new server, and given her 2 gold to start her Auction House empire with. This isn’t a lot, but then, I’m not starting with a lot either! After a few months of playing the Auction House and recording my doings, I will go over the data and see what worked and what didn’t.

The only rules:

  1. No gold from outside sources, whether that means from questing, loot, donations, or my other characters. This is to simulate what it would be like to have no other income coming in besides that from my used book sales. (Gulp!)
  2. No “farming” for things to sell. The only materials I can sell are the ones my character started with and what I can nab from the Auction House at a cheap price. This is to simulate that the only books I will be able to get are ones bought from elsewhere, whether the Dollar Store, the local bookshop, the library, or garage sales.

Other than that, anything goes, and I will let you know how it goes…

New Site, New Start!

Due to some recent controversy over Patreon, as well as the desire to have better control over my own creative work in general, I have decided to open up a new blog under my own name. (Yay!) Unfortunately, as Patreon is still one of the places I send prospective publishers to preview my work, my account will remain open there a little longer. (Aw.) This said, I plan to differently arrange how I do payments, access, and sharing.

Other Handles

Though this may change as I figure out the whole blog thing, below are my plans for tying my various internet haunts together.

Medium: Original shorts that I do not believe publishable will sometimes appear here. (When I say not publishable, I usually mean by their length, but I may also put up stories that I feel are missing…something…to get a bead on what a broader audience thinks.)

Reddit: Fiction based on the Elder Scrolls universe will often appear here, in a little place we call /teslore/. Be warned: it’s a jungle out there.

Patreon: Though I am still considering this, most of my work will be pulled off Patreon at this point. At the very least I will move off of a subscription based model: I’ve never been fan of pay-gating anything, and I will instead add donation buttons to my blog here for those of you who are thus inclined.

DeviantArt: Yes, I also art! Any illustrations will be cross-posted to DeviantArt.


I don’t believe in paywalls. Everything on this blog will be free to peruse. (Which I will note, is much different than USE–please contact me if you wish to USE anything on this blog, including the images and the writing!) I will of course always accept donations. If you don’t wish to spend your hard-earned cash or otherwise can’t afford it, please instead consider spreading the word and sharing any posts or shorts that you like with your friends!