Art-Making Streams!

I have finally figured out how to use OBS Studio! Prepare to see more art streams making their way to the Locals and YouTube FoxFireFiction communities in the near future!

For now, have a partial stream of the clean-up phase of the Mirium Sketch (better title to be determined). Fuller-length streams I plan to include on Locals in the future, for the price of $2 a month. You will also get access to an exclusive fans-and-devs community besides just supporting me to continue more work like this. I hope to see you there!

Locals link:

YouTube link:

Elder Scrolls Fan Fics Now Up!

Two new fan fiction series are up! …though I suppose I shouldn’t call them “new”, because they were actually written years ago.

War Front” introduces the character Azzir, who I hope to expand more in future writings as an Ordinator with a skooma problem.

The second series, “Lives of the Saints“, is quite a long series I will probably turn into a novel at some point. As it is, it’s stretching my Fan Fiction page to the point I’ll need to go about changing the formatting of my blog sooner rather than later! This series introduces the characters of Shizzal (based on a certain other name you might know, Kevaar) and Drai: an outlander Dunmer and an Ashlander who have a mysterious connection to each other. These characters will also probably show up in a later series, since they do come into contact with Azzir, as well as certain other key characters from their own storyline.

Until I figure out the formatting thing, you can find both these series and more like them under Fan Fiction. I’ve also included links to them below, since “Lives of the Saints” is rather long, and the entries aren’t numbered like most of my other series are.



  1. War Front, Book One
  2. War Front, Book Two
  3. War Front, Book Three
  4. War Front, Book Four
  5. War Front, Book Five


  1. Shizzal Awakens
  2. Zeketah Expresses Displeasure
  3. A Farseer Counsels Drai
  4. Drai Has a Vision
  5. Drai Hesitates
  6. Shizzal Takes His Leave
  7. Shizzal Gets a New Job
  8. Shizzal’s First Heist; A Chicken Crows
  9. Hasami Buys a Slave
  10. Shizzal Talks Back
  11. Shizzal Performs a Summoning
  12. Thyadras Plans a Raid
  13. Thyadras’ Raid Goes Awry
  14. Drai Sees a Ghost
  15. Keeps-Low Keeps Low
  16. Shizzal Meets an Old Friend
  17. Mutual Betrayals
  18. Shizzal Flees
  19. Nidalave Watches A Battle
  20. An Unlikely Ally
  21. Drai Returns
  22. Shizzal’s Premonition
  23. The Bridge
  24. Shizzal Prays
  25. Drai Sees Another Ghost
  26. Shizzal and Drai Declare Their Allegiances
  27. Tengri Burns
  28. Drai and Shizzal Conspire
  29. Drai Enacts a Plan
  30. Thoughts AWhirl
  31. Drai Dreams
  32. Drai Has Doubts
  33. Drai Mourns
  34. Drai Remembers His Past, Is Caught in a Blast
  35. Drai Remembers More
  36. A Mother Returns
  37. Drai Refuses a Prostitute (NSFW)
  38. Drai Remembers Exile
  39. Drai At Peace
  40. Rakhulbi Returns

First Part of Great Revision is Complete!

As mentioned aaaaaaall the way back in September 2020, I’ve been wanting to go back over Keelath and Mirium’s posts and bang them into better shape for a while now. I’m thus happy to announce the first part of the Great Revision is now completed, with the series “What Darkness Lies” fully edited and re-ordered to better taste!

Unfortunately this editing has highlighted a problem with my blog software, where the plugin I use to order series on the Fan Fiction page has broken and only lists posts in order of the date they were originally posted instead of the order I’ve specified. I’m still investigating why this happens, but until then, the proper order of these chapters goes like this:

  1. What Darkness Lies, Part 1
  2. What Darkness Lies, Part 2
  3. What Darkness Lies, Part 3
  4. What Darkness Lies, Part 4
  5. What Darkness Lies, Part 5 (NSFW)
  6. What Darkness Lies, Part 6
  7. What Darkness Lies, Part 7
  8. Faded Love Letters
  9. Selected Letters
  10. What Darkness Lies, Finale

The Rise of Keelath” has also seen a facelift during this update, with some of the lore behind Keelath’s first adventures now better explained.

Next up in the Great Revision are some posts that interweave with the “Brothers Apart” series. Due to one of the main actors ducking out of this plotline halfway through, I expect most of this editing to be along the lines of fully converting the old storylines of Tyrdan and Lellith into that of Tyrric and Alelsa, as well as explaining just where the true Lellith got off to in the process. Hopefully this will make the Sunwalker story a little more coherent to any of whom have not been following their progress in-game.

Once that is complete, I’m finally casting a eye to converting more material from Discord and forum roleplays into posts along the lines of the new “Awakening” series. So far this mostly involves the Sunwalker family, again, but eventually you may see some old friends from another favorite universe of mine.

Interview with Liberty Square

After much dancing with my imposter syndrome, I present to you my latest achievement: I had an interview with Ms. Laura of Liberty Square about — you guessed it! FoxFireFiction, the entertainment industry, mental health, family, and some of the politics involving all of the above! (Oh dear.)

Both parts of the interview (for we sure chattered a lot!) can be found on in the Liberty Square community. Liberty Square focuses on networking between small businesses and doing podcasts with the owners of the same. If you’re interested in other interviews or perhaps want to do some networking yourself, why not join? They also have a Discord for members without Locals accounts.

Part One

Part Two

Join Our Community! Discord Now Open

Today marks the opening of our second social media community, this time on Discord! Just click the link below (and follow the instructions to create a Discord account if you don’t have one already) to join!

Discord is an instant messaging and voice chat program that is free to join and use. I intend to use this community as a place to connect with fans, collaborate creative works (both art and writing), and help any newcomers to the industry get their first foot in the door.

This supplements our Locals community, which is set up more as a Patreon or Twitter platform. Support us by chipping in $2 a month (more at your discretion) to get access to special content as well as participate in members-only discussions. You can find the link for that here: FoxFireFiction Community (

You can also read my former post about it: FoxFireFiction comes to! –

I hope to see you there! Let’s make magic happen.

FoxFireFiction comes to!

There’s a new and growing social media platform on the web called, and FoxFireFiction can now officially be found there!

Here’s the link:

More About is a Patreon-like platform where you can subscribe to help support me and my work as well as connect with other community members! Some of you may recall my ditching Patreon back in the early days of creating this website, due to concerns with censorship and payment processes. I’ve since been on the lookout for a similar service, and a couple of months ago I landed on as one of the best alternatives out there. So here we are!

As of writing this post, I’m still in the process of getting my account over there shined up and looking pretty, but the basic functionality is already up. Like, subscribe, share, and all that jazz!

What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

This is mostly a news post, and somewhat of a reflection post.

News on the Art Front

The first thing I wanted to announce is the official opening of my DriveThruRPG publishing account, with some new stock art shinies up for sale! You can find these here:

Preview of the "Running Kirin" Stock Art, as seen on DriveThruRPG
One of the stock art images up for sale now at DriveThruRPG and DeviantArt.

These images are licensed for commercial usage so long as you credit me properly (more on that is in the user license agreement). If you want a somewhat cheaper option for these, you can also buy them from me through my DeviantArt handle, kevaar-foxfire, but NOTE, this cheaper option is only licensed for personal usage, such as your own forum avatars or coloring pages. If you want to use these images in something you plan to sell on, such as in a tabletop resource book, you must buy it through DriveThruRPG.

I’ve also started to do some commissions, though business is slow-going. As you might have noticed in the story A Meeting in the Legerdemain, I’ve been trying my hand in particular at making character line-art avatars. So far these have been solicited for free by me to try out some different blog formats, but I also do these on commission, for (roughly) $10 an avatar, over at DeviantArt:

As above, DeviantArt transactions are only licensed for personal usage. If you want to use these commercially, please get in contact with me, and I’m sure we can come to some kind of a deal!

News on the Writing Front

Work on a sourcebook for a new tabletop universe continues. Though before our main hang-up was on art, now we are mostly trying to catch up after the crazy that was the COVID lockdowns and the strain that put on our individual contractors. I’m happy to announce we at least have plans and contracts now for all the art that we want to put into the book, and simply getting those finished up and the final layout completed is all that remains before we can finally get this book on the market! I once again won’t give a deadline, because goodness knows that probably means I will be having to eat crow for it later on, but I can promise Soon(TM).

General fan-fiction posts on this website have slowed, partially due with my time being taken up with classes and pursuits. Due to the snarl of lore that is currently the Sunwalker family, going back and revisiting some old posts like What Darkness Lies are on my list of things to do, to edit out some of the “unintentionally reocurring” problems these characters face as well as some quirks of theirs that I felt were unfitting or cringey. Keelath and Mirium’s scenes in particular tend to end up with them always talking late into the night and reassuring each other, which, I don’t know, I suppose that is interesting to some, but the self-critical writer in me wants to explore these characters in some more action-oriented scenes as well.

We’ll see! As always, comments, thoughts, critiques, or general fangirl-ing is welcome here on this blog or in private. Stay safe and healthy!

2019 Update

Is it just me, or is each news update incorporating longer and longer time frames?

No, I’m afraid I must conclude it’s not just me! What started as a monthly update turned into a seasonal update, and now, apparently, a yearly update. Such is life.

Summary of 2019

Another good title for this article might be “2019 In Review”. In January of 2019, this blog was opened to start holding my pieces of novels and homeless write-ups for roleplay sessions, in the hopes for a little more exposure and audience to my writing.

Whether or not this worked is up for debate, but February saw a contract signed with a publisher for my first book, which, after negotiations, became the sourcebook for Talmenor, a new and up-and-coming high fantasy universe built for Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder campaigns. Some teasers of this world have already made it onto my blog, as you can see from the link above. Though promised to be finished and put up for sale by the end of the year, we have run into issues getting together professional-quality art for the book, and I instead must liberally set the release date for sometime in 2020 instead. Sadness.

February also saw the bulk of my writing for the Elder Scrolls III:Morrowind mod, Tamriel Rebuilt, being cross-posted to this blog site. Later in the year, I was part of two streaming sessions with Zharic Zhakaron regarding Tamriel Rebuilt, and have begun trying my hand at some concept art for the mod as well…though none of these I am quite pleased with enough yet to link to directly in this news article, ha ha.

In March, I received a drawing tablet for my birthday, and began to brush up on my art skills again, including with some of the aforementioned concept art.

Then, not even a week later, my raid members began doing some really silly things, and I have immortalized them in the comic series “Gentlemen Assassins”. After that guild’s raid leader retired, and after I picked up raid leading myself for a few months, I have now settled into a new guild called Resurgence. As I’m considering restructuring my blog site (more on that later), I am pondering retiring the name “Gentlemen Assassins” to mean comics done in 2019, while new 2020 comics will henceforth be known under the name “Resurgence”. Seeing as how this may require me to find new raid guilds every year to keep up the pattern, I’m not certain this is the best route forward. (And “Gentlemen Assassins” is such a lovely name! …and still a guild I love and am a part of, even if we’re no longer raiding!)

Finally, in December, I have opened up this blog to other writers and their shorts. The first of these was written by someone we will call Alelsa while he writes for FoxFireFiction (but may be known around the internet as someone else of note…), and is a fun little scene set in the dictatorial city of First Bastion.

And the Future Holds…?

There are more snippets of fanfiction and novels coming, I’m certain. There are also more comics coming. (Though I’m not sure my guildies believe me, I have quite the backlog of ideas, numbering in the tens and twenties by now.)

Work on Tamriel Rebuilt also continues, and some of my escapades in that modding team will continue to find their way here.

The sourcebook of Talmenor is coming, hopefully before summer, but as I have learned in 2019, it’s not too uncommon for release dates to stretch and stretch, so I will just leave this one at “2020” and hope I will not have to eat my words again next year at this time!

More shorts from other writers, including up and coming writers, are hopefully on their way, but as this is still a very new venture, I am keeping quiet about it until I can structure the back-end to my liking.

Speaking of structuring, as mentioned before, the structuring of this website my change. It is to incorporate some of the above writers coming in, but also to incorporate some new web games that I am developing for practice as I continue schooling for the creative field.

Finally, Hottest Day of the Year is coming, I swear! As my most recent submission was made over a year ago and still is without news, I’ve marked that publisher off the list. On the bright side, I’m now currently in negotiations with the same publisher as above for them to pick up this novel, shine it up a bit, and put it on the market. Aside from the sourcebook, it would be my very first book for sale, which is a very exciting prospect for me.