Multiplayer Tour with Zaric Zhakaron

To celebrate our latest release (19.12, also known as Aanthirin), Tamriel Rebuilt has put on another stream with Zaric Zhakaron! Though the stream has already come and gone by the time of this posting, below you can find the finished video.

Proper link here:

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For information on how to download and install Tamriel Rebuilt, please check out our Installation Guide. You will need a copy of Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, complete with the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions, to be able to play.

Roth Roryn Cliffs

Digital painting of red cliffs overlooking a river at sunset.

I knew I wanted to try my hand at painting red sandstone cliffs, and looked around the internet for some references. There were a few shots of sandstone cliffs thrown into orange and purple relief due to the photos being taken somewhere around sunset (or perhaps sunrise) that inspired the colors of this image.

In Tamriel Rebuilt, Roth Roryn is a landscape of orange cliffs. It borders the Deshaan Plains to the south, which in Tamriel Rebuilt, are actual plains as the old name dictates instead of marshlands as they are seen in Elder Scrolls Online. The purple, gray, and green coloring of the Deshaan plains also comes from concept art of Tamriel Rebuilt, serving as the main color palette for this zone.

Let’s Talk About Tamriel Rebuilt (Streaming with Zaric Zhakaron)

Over the weekend I was part of a streamed discussion for Tamriel Rebuilt, a game mod for the game The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The streaming session was put together and hosted by Zaric Zhakaron. I’m Kevaar, a Lead Developer of the mod who specializes in quest development and lore.

You can find the video on YouTube through this link:

I have also embedded it here:

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Hope you enjoy the interview!

The Purpose of the Corkbulb

Even the term “corkbulb” would have one thinking it is what it sounds like: a root made of a cork-like substance, that could assumably be used in place of wood. Alas, it is not quite so, and the uses of this fine root in Morrowind are often mistaken by horticultural novices.

This is a sister post to “The Origin of the Ash Yam” and written by the same in-world character, Cantur Caelmoryn, who may yet find his way into other texts of mine in the future. The inspiration for this post is a pet peeve of mine on the level of the Alot. Continue reading “The Purpose of the Corkbulb”

A Day in the Life of Testy

Write down report: someone should really tell Zaurac not to bang his head on chairs.

You need to be a little punch-drunk to test quest coding, I think. This story was inspired by my attempts–and failures–to get chairs to magically float in a tavern for a Tamriel Rebuilt quest. Some of the jokes are references to the world or to the quirks of the Morrowind Construction Set. Can you decipher them all? Continue reading “A Day in the Life of Testy”