The Lizard and the Snake

Digitized Acrylic painting of an Argonian (lizardman) biting a snake. The lizardman has body parts of multiple animals, including a panther, frog, bird, and bat. It has a headdress made of leaves and a bird's skull.

This was the second painting inspired by the headcanon that Argonians may paint or carve religious symbols depicting their shamans as having multiple animal parts, or “spirits”. The first can be found here.

This was done using digitized acrylic paint in the paint program MediBang Paint Pro. Each animal (part) was done on a separate layer to keep the paints from bleeding into each other, and then a bottom layer to fill in the gaps.

Though I originally intended the markings on his back to be blue and white, like the night sky, green like a pool dappled with duckweed seemed more applicable. If I were to do this again, I would also re-paint the bird wing to have the markings of an osprey or any gray eagle species native to the jungle.

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