Trials, Part Four

Dutifully, Evelos went to stand beside the weapon racks, waiting for one of the magisters to appear and tell him what he was supposed to do.

Nothing exciting happened the next day, unless one counted the fact he was finally here, taking part in an age-old tradition. His father had bid him goodbye and given him a hug, and now Evelos stood waiting his turn as the presiding magisters looked over their lists of names and sorted the waiting youths into different groups, presumably to take different Trials. Continue reading “Trials, Part Four”

Son of Silvermoon, Part One

When the magic finally stopped, Croatius once again opened his eyes, smiling lazily at Lanlyth. His master was frowning. Perhaps because he could not find a spell to truly best Croatius…?

Croatius was meant to be a foil for Evelos from the get-go, the villain to his heroism, and I knew I wanted something special for him as his story slowly unfolded. Continue reading “Son of Silvermoon, Part One”