Deleted Scene: Another Reunion

I’ll be the first to admit that the plot line between Keelath and Mirium is a bit of a mess. Keelath’s characterization of being a cold, unemotional death knight is pretty inconsistent at times, and I have to be careful to not overdo the kissy-kissy scenes, which irritate me personally and, I’m sure, my readers as well.

This was an earlier attempt at a reunion for the couple, which would have taken place sometime between Evelos being cleansed of the n’raqi and the faction war picking up again in Darkshore. I decided ultimately to do away with it, as it seemed too easily resolved at the time, and closed off an alternate storyline that was picking up between Mirium and Tyrric and his wife.

I still like it and post it however, for it shows a more determined side of Mirium that we don’t get much of while she’s struggling with trauma and some minor N’Zoth corruption, as well as keeping the contrast strong between Evelos and Keelath: a sensitive son vs. a relatively insensitive father. This is Mirium at her best, and an iconic interplay between all three characters. Continue reading “Deleted Scene: Another Reunion”

Going Home

“Yes, yes, you are on the ground,” said Breyd, stuttering slightly over her relief that he was okay—and not a little bit of irritation now at his recklessness. “Are you okay?”

“Good morning, dalah’surfal.” Breyd’s voice and the sound of the curtains being drawn back roused Evelos from his doze. He spent a moment staring at her, blinking in the fresh sun, before sitting up. It wasn’t as hard for him now, Breyd observed, but his lack of muscle tone still made her worry. “Do you think you could stand on your own today?” she asked. “You’ll be coming home.”

“I’ll try,” said Evelos. 

“After breakfast,” replied Breyd with firmness, and slid a bowl of broth under his chin. “Eat up, love. Or drink up, as it were.”

“My favorite,” said Evelos dryly.  Continue reading “Going Home”

Character Study: Trials

Apparently Evelos gets his jawline and nose from Tyrdan, not his mom and dad…

Today, in preparation for the next chapter of the Trials comic, I did a little character study for each of its three main characters, and also Tyrdan, who is part of the family but may not feature very much in the comic’s story. This was necessary to help give each character a more characteristic look and feel, with shorthand notes for me so I could draw them more quickly and consistently.

Here they are! With their mouths in the characteristic positions: Keelath is frowning, Tyrdan is smirking, and Mirium’s mouth is open because apparently I draw her talking a lot. Continue reading “Character Study: Trials”

Regrowth, Part Two

“It’ll make more sense in time,” soothed Tyrdan. “This year is the beginning of the end of all our troubles.”

The change came on very slowly. His skin and hair faded to silver and gray. His new hunger suddenly sharpened, then diminished as abruptly as it had came on. And everyday he felt more clear-headed, and more himself, though he couldn’t say who that old self has been, as he had been bumbling since infancy. Continue reading “Regrowth, Part Two”

Trials, Page Five

Mirium looks at Keelath in annoyance. When Keelath is pensieve and faintly worried, Mirium reassures him, an gives him a kiss.
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Mirium: …

Keelath: heh.. Sorry.

Mirium: Dear… He’ll be fine. He’s your son.

Mirium: And I’m your wife. Trust us.

Keelath: I love you too, Mirium.

*(For those who can’t read my atrocious handwriting.)

Regrowth, Part One

Then Tyrdan and Auntie Lel exchanged a look, like they had when they told him the magic had happened and that they would love him just the same. So he told them again in a burst-out shout, that the magic hadn’t happened, it hadn’t , it hadn’t, and it wouldn’t until he was much much older. And the two looked at each other again and then they did something strange. They agreed with him.

Like “The Half-Blood” (which remains unpublished on my blog in the case I can clean it up enough to get it officially published), this story came out of a “what if” scenario during some roleplay sessions. Continue reading “Regrowth, Part One”

Trials, Page Four

Mirium reads the scroll Keelath had brought with him. Keelath ties his charger to a post and untacks it while he thinks outloud about Evelos' future. Mirium finally has to shout to get his attention.
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It turns out Evelos isn’t the only worrywart in the family.


Mirium: I don’t understand… I thought the Trials were only for the magi. Why do they want Evelos?

Keelath: Well, the Light is a kind of magic. And with us as his parents…! I’m a paladin. You use it to heal. I am certain he has it in him!

Mirium: Yes, but the Trials usually are for destructive magics…

Keelath: Granted, I have never seen him USE Light magic–

Mirium: Keelath…

Keelath: To fight or to heal–

Mirium: Keelath! He’s probably–

Keelath: But if given the opportunity…! …and this is certainly an opportunity…

Mirium: Keelath…

Keelath: Perhaps this will serve to inspire the boy…

Mirium: Keelath, dearest– I think–

Keelath: It will wake him to his roots as part of the Sunwalkers! We will have to leave on the morrow to make it to Yohon’nai on time…

Mirium: KEELATH!!!

Keelath: Yes?

*(For those who can’t read my atrocious handwriting.)

To Protect and Preserve, Part Three

“Is that the same horse?” called one of the officers, and Evelos grinned, but couldn’t find the breath to spare for an answer when Protector, sensing his slipping attention, tried to break into a canter.

It was another long day, with several difficult forensic tests and a patient who couldn’t stop staring at his tentacles like he was some kind of monster. Evelos had almost forgotten the courser until it pushed its head through the window of his cottage at the sound of his approach, maneuvering its horn through the small opening with almost comical delicacy. Continue reading “To Protect and Preserve, Part Three”