Trials, Page One

A wuyon'mar elf rides a charger (unicorn) while someone offscreen yells at him.
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Thus begins the web comic version of Trials, a short story following Evelos as he comes of age and learns just how different he is from his father, Keelath. Some modifications will be made to account both for the different style of story-telling presented by web comics, as well as alterations to details of its lore so this can belong in my original world of Talmenor instead of being a fanfiction about World of Warcraft. Which means, once this is finished, I could sell it officially either through a comics publisher or through my own store!

Other tidbits: The color of Evelos’ charger here is what they call a liver chestnut. I started with giving the reins and bridles tassles reminiscent of those you see on Arabian tack, but it got to be too much detail for a repeat character.


Mirium: What are you doing?!

*(For those who can’t read my atrocious handwriting.)

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