Forced Evolution

Raptor attempts to climb tree to escape a black dragon. Raptor's owner yells at the raptor for trying to be a bird.
I believe I can fly?

Click for a smaller image.

This one was drawn during a lull in raiding. (I believe one or more of our healers were on vacation that week.) I had had asked in our Discord text-only chat room what I should draw next. Ozzel told me to draw a picture of Lucy (his main hunter pet, who is a devilsaur) sitting in a tree while he, the hunter, was getting eaten by hippos.

I switched the hippos out for a black dragon of the Badlands as I couldn’t figure out a way to make a hippo intimidating enough, and Lucy became a raptor because it was difficult to get her devilsaur spines to “read well” in this pose. If it isn’t clear, Ozzel is holding the dragon back with a hand on its tooth. Tough little blood elf.

It was only later when the raid was asking me how I came up with this idea that it turned out it was not Ozzel who had told me to draw this. It was his wife, in possession of his phone while he was asleep. I think Ozzel still appreciated it though, as goodness knows hunter pets get stuck on all the things, no matter what they are, at all the wrong times while fighting bosses.

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