When Azeroth Freezes Over

A tauren, a blood elf, and a troll, all bundled in blankets, huddle together grumbling about the weather. Another blood elf runs through celebrating the warm weather where she lives. In the last panel, Ian the Mag'har monk elbows the troll and winks at him, saying the weather is even worse in Alaska.
Ravinia is based in Florida, while Ian is based in Alaska.

This comic comes a month or two late. The idea for this was written shortly after the Polar Vortex of 2019, where the weather grew so cold in Chicago that the city had to light the train rails on fire to keep them from freezing. My guildies were reporting similar cold snaps and blizzards from where they were based all over America and in Canada. Ozzel in particular told us he had a lightning storm while there was still snow on the ground from his home in Alabama.

This was about the same time when Ravinia was bragging that the weather in Florida was perfect. Ian, who lives in Alaska, of course just laughed at all us lightweights.

I particularly like Ozzel’s grin in the last panel, though the icicles hanging off his ears and his helmet were surprisingly difficult to make read well. I have to wonder, how DO Warcraft’s long-eared races keep their ears warm, anyway? Half of a comic’s joke is the writing itself, while the other is in the drawings. Yotingo bundled up with socks on his ears is one of my favorite mental images in this whole comic series thus far.

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