The Scheme to End All Schemes

Two elven brothers sit in a bar talking about whether the paladin should still engage in scheming or instead settle down. The paladin gets a bright idea for another scheme to do with settling down, while the death knight thinks he's missing the point.
The third panel is when everyone screams, “No, Tyrdan, no!”

The idea for this comic came from a roleplay session rather than any shenanigans from the Gentleman Assassins raid. It’s been sitting waiting for illustrations ever since Tyrdan came up with the scheme to steal his nephew’s fiance (looooong story), which is part of the reason why Tyrdan still has green eyes here. (The other reason, and also the reason for his strangely colored hair, was the issue of trying to balance so many hues of gold in the color scheme.) Though Tyrdan has since settled down a bit as a character since finding an his own in-world wife (and I’m told he still schemes about and with her), he is a proper sin’dorei for whom nefarious plans are rarely far from his brain.

I’ll admit now a lot didn’t quite go right in the drawing of this one. The background was difficult to get across that the two elves are sitting in a bar with other people (the Legerdemain Lounge in Dalaran, to be exact), while Tyrdan’s hair was hard to pick a color for that didn’t blend into either his helmet or his skin. (Unlike his brother, Keelath, Tyrdan is a golden blonde instead of a blonde almost bleached to white. Because of the issues of color matching, he’s borrowing the base color for Keelath’s hair from the Trials comic, though his real hair color is probably the same as his armor.) Though I believe his white hair reads well in this comic, I was a little torn in not giving Keelath a paler skin color too, which I chose not to do for the sake of simplicity. Finally, while originally Tyrdan was originally to exclaim, “NOPE!” in answer to Keelath’s question, his final pose and the pacing suggested something different. Humor is hard to predict, and I’m not sure if the comic packs the same ironic punch as it might have otherwise this way.

On a more positive note, the middle two panels were the funnest to draw, along with Keelath’s expression in the last panel. I imagine that blanking out the speech bubbles to instead enter in Tyrdan’s scheme of the month would be great meme material, for this is indeed Keelath’s reaction to many of them.

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