Going Down, Take Two

A tauren paladin falls through the sky. A troll druid bat tells her her Divine Shield spell is cooldown. The tauren paladin looks aghast.
It’s not ready yet.

Divine Shield is a spell that paladins get in World of Warcraft that nullifies falling damage (among other things). Unfortunately, it has a cooldown of 5 minutes before it can be used again. Maybe Haralka should have checked that before jumping off a cliff…

Haralka’s armor is the strangest color scheme I’ve had to do yet on a character. When I was looking at her ingame, I realized the armor I had once thought brown and gray was actually shades of purple. I had to go through a few iterations before I found a purple that didn’t clash with her fur and the spikes on her pauldrons.

The button on her pauldrons was also difficult to get right. Ingame it’s something of a dark purple or brown, but when I tried this in the comic, it seemed to disappear, not popping out the way I wanted it too. Lighter shades of purple or brown still clashed with the rest of her armor. Eventually, I made use of split-complementary color color theory to pick out a yellow-green.

In the meantime, Yotingo’s pink mohawk and facepaint still mixes nicely, even when he’s in his darker blue bat form.

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