Not My Parade

A drunken void elf causes a lion-traffic jam during a guild parade.
No words necessary.

Some identities were changed to protect the guilty. As always, click on the image for a bigger, well, image!

A few weeks ago, < Stormwind Union > of the Cenarion Circle server had its 9th anniversary celebration. That’s right, the guild has been around for nine years! So we proudly paraded through the streets of Stormwind–well, almost proudly. I’m told some of our members were either drunk or very sleepy due to differing time zones. This ended up in some lion traffic jams, particularly on the curves of the streets.

This comic was named in honor of Symmber’s remark during the parade: “Not my line.” She was referring to a line of auto-following guildies who walked right through her and Orwyn without pause due the leader being more than a little out of it. Eventually they stopped. Believe it or not, no one fell into the canals.

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