(NSFW) And Then There Were Three

This post is NSFW (Not Safe For Work) due graphic scenes related to childbirth and sex. More on the level of PG-13 than R I think, but you hath been warned! Continue reading “(NSFW) And Then There Were Three”

What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

This is mostly a news post, and somewhat of a reflection post.

News on the Art Front

The first thing I wanted to announce is the official opening of my DriveThruRPG publishing account, with some new stock art shinies up for sale! You can find these here: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/17317/FoxfireFiction

Preview of the "Running Kirin" Stock Art, as seen on DriveThruRPG
One of the stock art images up for sale now at DriveThruRPG and DeviantArt.

These images are licensed for commercial usage so long as you credit me properly (more on that is in the user license agreement). If you want a somewhat cheaper option for these, you can also buy them from me through my DeviantArt handle, kevaar-foxfire, but NOTE, this cheaper option is only licensed for personal usage, such as your own forum avatars or coloring pages. If you want to use these images in something you plan to sell on, such as in a tabletop resource book, you must buy it through DriveThruRPG.

I’ve also started to do some commissions, though business is slow-going. As you might have noticed in the story A Meeting in the Legerdemain, I’ve been trying my hand in particular at making character line-art avatars. So far these have been solicited for free by me to try out some different blog formats, but I also do these on commission, for (roughly) $10 an avatar, over at DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/kevaar-foxfire/commission/Character-Avatar-1356765

As above, DeviantArt transactions are only licensed for personal usage. If you want to use these commercially, please get in contact with me, and I’m sure we can come to some kind of a deal!

News on the Writing Front

Work on a sourcebook for a new tabletop universe continues. Though before our main hang-up was on art, now we are mostly trying to catch up after the crazy that was the COVID lockdowns and the strain that put on our individual contractors. I’m happy to announce we at least have plans and contracts now for all the art that we want to put into the book, and simply getting those finished up and the final layout completed is all that remains before we can finally get this book on the market! I once again won’t give a deadline, because goodness knows that probably means I will be having to eat crow for it later on, but I can promise Soon(TM).

General fan-fiction posts on this website have slowed, partially due with my time being taken up with classes and pursuits. Due to the snarl of lore that is currently the Sunwalker family, going back and revisiting some old posts like What Darkness Lies are on my list of things to do, to edit out some of the “unintentionally reocurring” problems these characters face as well as some quirks of theirs that I felt were unfitting or cringey. Keelath and Mirium’s scenes in particular tend to end up with them always talking late into the night and reassuring each other, which, I don’t know, I suppose that is interesting to some, but the self-critical writer in me wants to explore these characters in some more action-oriented scenes as well.

We’ll see! As always, comments, thoughts, critiques, or general fangirl-ing is welcome here on this blog or in private. Stay safe and healthy!

The Second War

Even before the Farstrider turned towards her, his mouth a line of regret, before Tyrric gave a ragged cry and dashed forward, Mirium knew. Mirium knew, and suddenly her world would never be the same.

I had written this many months before, but the dramatic wording of it caused me to not post it until I could go back and edit the tone down a little. Months later, the tone isn’t edited down by more than a few word changes, but I’m calling it good enough to post despite my misgivings.

Though not an exhaustive look at the Sunwalkers’ doings during the Second War of the Warcraft universe, this hits the major happenings: Keelath’s death, Evelos’ departure south to join the Alliance, and Mirium’s downward spiral into losing her Light magic.

Author’s Note

Evelos tossed and turned. The grief was still too raw, sharp edged, and his mind fled from it Continue reading “The Second War”