War Front, Book Two

How does Azzir manage to do farrier work when he has a bad back? Don’t ask me. The scene wrote itself. I swear!

Author’s Note

“Hey, ashskin! I’ve got a treat for you.”

Azzir looked up, wiping the sweat from his forehead. The horse he was shoeing shifted experimentally, and Azzir hiked its hoof up a little further between his legs. A few futile pumps of the leg later, it sighed and relaxed, and Azzir did also, shifting his grip down the leg.

“I’m a little busy,” he told the Nord looking at him from between the slats of the blacksmith shed.

“Naw, but this is a treat you can’t miss,” said Gaolyf. “They captured one of those Khajiit cat beasts in from the front. Continue reading “War Front, Book Two”