War Front

Finally I turn to getting some of my old fan fictions from Elder Scrolls posted up on the blog here. This introduces a new (but old) character of mine, Azzir the Ordinator.

Though his concept originally comes from the game Morrowind, this version of him is set in Elder Scrolls Online. Though I’m not fond of what ESO did to Tamriel’s lore, I tried to remain faithful to its setting with this piece. The war referenced here is the Three Banners War in which Dunmer and Nords served together against the Altmeri Dominion.

Author’s Note

The shrill whinny rent the pre-dawn air, like a knife cutting through a fresh pat of scuttle.

Aizar lay face-up in his cot, considering the tent walls slowly growing lighter with the approaching day, and the icicles forming along the center pole, courtesy of his breath in the frosty morning. All around him came the soft snores and wheezes from the others housed in the healer’s tent, even the most restless among them having finally found sleep at this hour. All was quiet.

Until that shrill whinny came again, echoing in the hills surrounding the Pact fort. Continue reading “War Front”

Shiny Things: Gormball Championship

Ah, a blast to the past. I used to be fairly large presence on the online pet game of Neopets… When I was a child, I dreamed of creating a comic series based on two of my Original Characters: Kevaar and Azzir. Or rather…Kevaar and Azzir as they would be if they were Neopets. Ha ha. In the Elder Scrolls universe, they are two Dunmeri. (In Talmenor, two degonti…but more on Talmenor later!)

But why am I telling you this and revealing my childish nerdy side? Well, to further improve my comic-drawing, I indulged myself and finally finished some of those old comics. Unfortunately the originals are lost to the depths of my paper drawer, so this first one I had to redo by memory.

A Darigan Eyrie paint a Gormball a silver color, so that a blue gelert is tricked into holding it too long and losing the Gormball Championship.