The Rise of Keelath

I remember nothing. This was my first thought.

I couldn’t decipher how much of the reports of Evelos’ Shadow corruption was coming from Tyrric’s own madness or was true, and I was unable to investigate for as long as he lived in Stormwind. The urgency to act before my memories slipped from me entirely was becoming more frantic. Mirium still lived, or at least I had heard no news to the contrary. Dark rumors regarding her and a failed marriage to a cruel magister was surfacing in Silvermoon.

While Evelos looked after his pregnant lover and Tyrric tried in vain to beget the same condition in Alelsa, I knew it would have to be my duty to find Mirium. I try not to be resentful, but it was hard not to see his foolishness as the result of Alelsa’s manipulations.

A failed assassination in Silvermoon forced my hand. A nightborne named Furen attempted to take Tyrric’s life while we were on leave. The man is either a coward or more of a weasel than Alelsa, for he quickly gave up the ghost and revealed the name of his employer when I and Tyrric overpowered him. My quarry is to be Talthan. The fact that he is the magister of rumor, the new husband of Mirium, does not escape me.

I put in the request to extend my leave, even though the war is intensifying and the blood-hunger calls me more strongly than ever. Furen at least agreed to feed us more information, so long as we paid him and didn’t report him to the authorities. He turned out to be quite useful, and we tracked Talthan down to a lab under Silvermoon.

Tyrric came up with the idea to stake out the place. We laid in wait until Talthan arrived, and then ambushed him. His power seems to be more in his speech than in his magic, but Tyrric tried to banter with him, anyway. His words leave no doubt in my mind that his interest in Mirium and our family lies solely in our money, and he now seeks our deaths so he can inherit.

My first inclination was to kill and consume him down to the bones, but Tyrric had a more clever idea. Threatening him with me, Tyrric instead got a divorce contract signed; even if the man’s other assassins succeed, he will have none of the satisfaction of taking our wealth for himself — or his daughters, if I am allowed to follow through on the threat.

Still, Mirium is missing, and it is doubtful Talthan called off all his assassins, no matter how much he begged and groveled before us for his life.

Furen sent a missive from the Borean Tundra. It appears Talthan’s assassins are seeking for her up there. How she managed to get all the way to Northrend while being hunted by professionals, I do not know. I plan to arrange a trip via mage’s portal, but Tyrric is choosing the slower route by boat. He seems to believe the divorce has settled everything, and his reluctance to act irritates me. Even Alelsa seems unmoved. I sense her hand in this. Useless flesh, the pair of them.

Furen met me in Warsong Hold, with an interesting observation. It seems this Talthan was a manipulator of minds, using magic, and he warned me Mirium might be under such a spell when we find her.

He also asked me if I thought Tyrric might be under the same spell. The question seemed impertinent, and I disabused him of the notion with a threat to increase his searching or I would break our deal. He licked his lips like a fox tasting something he disliked, but he left quickly.

I was left to wonder alone, and the wondering was sour. Ever Tyrric delays, and I cannot wait for him. Furen is right that he seems compromised, but I wouldn’t be able to tell Talthan’s spellcraft from Alelsa’s if so.

Furen’s investigations hinted at a trail through Dalaran and then the Dragonblight. Tyrric is better at questioning civilians than I, for they are put off by my undeath. I tasked him with combing through the mage city instead. His response my order was a lackadaisical acknowledgement, followed by a whine that Alelsa does not like Dalaran. Useless flesh.

I put my sights on Dragonblight instead. The dragons are no friends of the Scourge or the Forsaken, but I will let none stand in my way. I must find Mirium before it is too late.

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