A Meeting in the Legerdemain

Character Icon of Malcotin, worgen.The Ogron was huge and its fist slapping Keelath around did more damage than Malcotin had hoped. It was time for him to spring in on the action. But no sooner had he stood up then two burly guards grabbed him.

“What are you doing, fools? The Ogron will kill everyone!” Malcotin tried to shake off his captors.

“Boss says you interferring in fight.” the goon replied. He was too busy trying to hold the struggling worgen death knight and did not see the Ogron flailing about until one huge fist caught him in the side and lterally threw him into the wall.

Malcotin growled obscenities and used his unholy magic to stun the other guard. “Let me go, you idiot or you will die next.”

The other guard fell back and Malcotin called forth his own death magic and chained the Ogron in ice, stopping him from doing more damage. He was too late to help Keelath, as Mirium had already gone to him and healed him. Turning to the Ogron, he drew his twin icy blades and finished off the howling creature.

Once the Ogron stopped twitching, Malcotin used the rod again, this time with a red ruby. “You are mine now…” he growled as he raised the dead Ogron to stand beside him. Most of the other patrons had already fled the scene, but the Ringmaster was still there and he was very annoyed.

“You can’t do that! Stinky is part of my show and he belongs to Bean!” The uppity Silver Covenant elf protested.

Malcotin turned his deadly blue gaze on the elf, moving up to the ringmaster and staring him in the face. Leaning closer so that he was right in the elf’s face and no one else could hear. “Two against one is not a fair fight. This poor creature died and if he is lucky, the wizard might survive. If not, he will become my servant as well.” he lifted his lips in a snarl.

Backing away from the Worgen, the Ringmaster stuttered, “I will have charges brought against you! My fights, my rules!”

Malcotin growled deep in his throat. “You will not, because I have important friends. Your fights are entertainment, and fall under the laws of the Silver Covenant. They are supposed to be one on one. That is the nature of duelling. If I tell them you deliberately set up the death knight to fail, your operation will be shut down, permanently.” He moved forward and backed the ringmaster to the wall. “Do I make myself clear? The ogron is mine, and he will not be your sacrificed fodder again.”

The ringmaster could only nod in agreement, his whole body trembling in fear. His guards dare not approach, as Stinky was now standing guard over his new master. An undead ogron would be next to impossible to contain. It’s mended eye now glowed a telltale blue.

Malcotin narrowed his eyes and then nodded. “You have enough trouble for now, I do not see the wizard being tended. I hope he was not a Dalaran mage, his death would be on your hands.”

The ringmaster quickly glanced over to see the unmoving wizard lying in a pool of blood. His healers were no where in sight, having fled the ogron’s wrath. Nervously he cleared his throat. “You can raise him as well?” his eyes pleading.

Malcotin grinned, his canine teeth gleaming. “Of course, when your healers come back, if they do, tell them I took care of it.”

He looked to Stinky, “Bring the dead wizard and follow me. We will go to my lab.” Turning on his heel, he stalked out of the arena, the undead ogron picked up his former master and slung the body over his shoulder.

The ringmaster sighed in relief, “Off you go then.” He had no clue where the worgen’s lab was, and he did not care to know. All he was concerned about was cleaning up the mess and getting another fight organized.

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