A Meeting in the Legerdemain

Character Icon of Mirium, blood elf priest.The tension between the couple got to be too much for Mirium, and she got up, wandering towards the bar as a cover for mounting anxiety. She didn’t see Malcotin until she blundered right into the human, and then sprang back, apologizing profusely.

“Sorry…didn’t see you there…are you okay? Can I get you anything? Oh, I hope I didn’t spill your–sorry!”

It was not something he planned, but Malcotin watched the female Sindorei approach with interest. She was very pretty, an exotic elf. He had to admit he admired their swelt waifish look that totally concealed their inner strength.Character Icon of Malcotin, worgen.

She was obviously not paying attention to where she was going and he was somewhat prepared as she nearly walked into him. He held out a hand to steady her as she suddenly stopped in front of him. He smiled with charm and chuckled softly. “It must be the smoke. I was not aware it made me invisible.”

His glasses covered his glowing eyes, but his manner was friendly. “My brandy glass is still intact. But I refuse to allow you to buy me a drink. I am Malcotin Baen. It is not often I am bowled over by a very pretty elf. Your husband is a very lucky…er…elf.” he glanced at Keelath with a polite nod. His deep voice was akin to a growl, but more friendly. His human form was at least unassuming and generally harmless. Most of the races on both factions were well aware of what a raging Worgen could do and usually steered clear of them.

Character Icon of Mirium, blood elf priest.Mirium gave a little anxious giggle. “I-I’m glad. I mean, thank you. I mean.” She takes a deep breath. Calm yourself, girl. “That’s very nice of you to say,” she said with a more formal tone. “Hello, Ser Baen. I’m Mirium Sum–Sunwalker. And that is my husband, Keelath. Are you, ah, enjoying your stay in Dalaran? Or are you a local?”
Keelath is watching them from the table, his expression quizzical, but not overly alarmed.Character icon of Keelath, death knight, with his helmet on.
Character Icon of Malcotin, worgen.Malcotin tipped his head to one side as he looked her over. “You seem troubled, Mrs Sunwalker. You do not know me at all, but if there is anything I can do to ease your mind?” He stopped to glance quizzically at Keelath, only to meet the other’s stare.

“I am no expert, but it seems to be you are both disturbed about something. If it is personal, please forgive me. I am not one of those who engages in this petty warfare. I am very glad there is a ceasefire of hostility. I feel there is a lot to be shared between the races. Culture and strides in medicine are only a few of the things that should be shared.”

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