A Meeting in the Legerdemain

Character Icon of Malcotin, worgen.To his satisfaction, the refusal was tempered with an acceptance of the offer for Mirium. Malcotin turned his gaze to the woman who demurred, but he signaled to the bartender anyway to provide her with whatever she had been drinking.

His brow quirked as the question was asked. “I live in Dalaran now. As part of my research, I use their extensive library and most helpful sages. I am engaged in a most worthwhile project. But I would not bore you with dry scientific theory.” he paused, in hopes of being mysterious enough they would encourage him to explain.

He sipped his brandy and smiled as he saw the curiosity on both their faces. “As you have noticed, Mister Sunwalker. I am most unusual. I was not born this way. I assure you, however, I mean no harm to either of you. My condition is somewhat…intentional.”

“Intentional!” Keelath’s sudden bark startles Mirium again, who apparently hadn’t picked up on anything odd about Malcotin at all. “Why in fel would you do that to yourself intentionally?”Character Icon of Mirium, blood elf priest.Character icon of Keelath, death knight, with his helmet on.

“Keelath?” came Mirium’s questioning tone.

Keelath lowered his voice so as not to make a scene, but the anger in his tone is still audible. “The only ones I know who seek undeath intentionally are the liches. It’s not exactly a pleasant condition.” He bares his teeth.

Mirium frowns at him, but says nothing. She nods her thanks to the ‘tender who refills her glass, but for the moment doesn’t drink, listening to the conversation.

Character Icon of Malcotin, worgen.The smile never leaves his face, as Malcotin bears the brunt of Keelath’s anger. “You must admit, there are advantages. For instance, I am immune to disease, as you are. I am not afraid of death…” he shrugs. “Among other things, I can still feel emotion, taste the finer things in life, such as brandy and fine tobacco, and…I can live how I wish. I am normal in many respects. Of course, the fact I am Worgen might be lost to you, as my accent has been tempered by common usage. I find it has given me some unique attributes.” he smiles enigmatically.

Malcotin is quite enjoying the looks of surprise on the faces of others. Some of the other patrons of the tavern blink and then turn away in embarassment for staring. “I did not kill myself or anything of the sort. You see, I had a mentor who started me on this journey of discovery. She found me when I was imprisoned in the Undercity. I was already a Gilnaen and immune to the effects of the Forsaken curse of Undeath. When the Valkyre could not be bothered and the Apothecaries failed, I was sold. To a most enterprising warlock alchemist.”

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