That Guy: Won’t Shaddap

Comic with Yotingo the troll and Sisqa the demon hunter listening to a raid member yelling.
Oh, the troll-anity!

Hey, look what’s back!

This comic stars a new overworked raid leader, Siqsa the demon hunter, as well as Yotingo in yet another variation on his coloring. (The reason for this is World of Warcraft released a customization patch in which the hair color of druid characters and the fur color of their animal forms are no longer linked. So now Yotingo can have his original blue mohawk while still being a white tiger when he shifts into cat form. Hoorah!)

As for what spurred this comic: In my notes, I have down that a certain someone named Xorrinth spent our battles yelling out over voice chat “Ow, stop hurting me, ow!” anytime he stood in the fire, which…he did a lot. This might be the reason I can find no further information on who this character was or if he’s still raiding with us under a, ahem, quieter character. For this reason (and for the reason it just read better), this character is not in the frame of view here.

The background of this comic was inspired by the new raid in the Shadowlands expansion of World of Warcraft: Castle Nathria. I’ve started to clean up the borders around the text bubbles instead of outlining them with a watercolor brush. I think this helps them read better. I’m still playing around with the right amount of white space to leave in the characters themselves to lend a more crayon-y look to their coloring.

Glad to be back!

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