Tank’s Eulogy

comic of Dorasmus, the undead mage, giving Siqsa the demon hunter a eulogy
I know you know.

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This one happened in the Sanctum of Domination raid, right before the boss Remnant of Ner’zhul. Our demon hunter failed in deploying his wings quick enough to land safely back on the platform after he was knocked off by one of the Mawsworn. This is taken verbatim from what Dorasmas said over voice chat at the time, all but the third panel, in which I took some creative liberties for the comedic timing to work out right.

I’m not entirely sure where this outfit of Dora’s comes from. Like Crom, he changes his transmogrification outfit a lot. Though he doesn’t always have a face mask on, his humor is delivered in such a deadpan fashion that the lack of a facial expression on his masks just…works.

Also, there was a little confusion on just which demon hunter tank this was. We have two, Siqsa and Sillerayne, both of which are female blood elves and have ram horns. The color scheme here is Siqsa’s, but it’s very possible this was actually Sillerayne in the real event, who tanked for us more often.

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