The Many Minions of Keelath

A montage of a death knight's minions, their names, and how they got them.
And we shall call him Tim.

As always, you can click on the picture for a bigger image.

The 7th panel of this one is how it all started. The names of a death knight’s minions in World of Wacraft are randomly generated. I summoned a skeleton who was named “Glaciertaker”, and the above image popped into my head.

Fast forward to multiple minion summon-ings later, and the above comic began to shape. Note that while a death knight’s minion is usually a ghoul, Keelath has the Glyph of the Skeleton, which turns them into a skeleton instead. A skeleton (despite the rib count) is easier to draw than a ghoul, so I kept it this way.

As some of you may know by now, the white spots in the flat coloring of my comic characters is often intentional. This and my coloring outside of the lines is to grant a sketchier look to the comic, but it’s also based on laziness. This comic took forever to complete, and so there are more white spots than usual. I’m not sure if this style particularly works with a joke like this, so I’m not entirely happy with this comic, but I am also tired of looking at it when more ideas are on the to-do list…

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