Dora’s Annihilation

A Forsaken mage uses Annihilation on the rest of his raid group.
He thought he saw a gnome hiding in our ranks.

No, I don’t mean the annihilation of Dora, even though I’m sure some of the other raid members might have been wishing for that after this little incident…

This comic is brought to you by the new World of Warcraft raid Ny’alotha: the Waking City, which was released in Patch 8.3 for the Battle for Azeroth expansion. During the Vexiona boss fight in this raid, every so often an additional monster appears that, upon dying, grants one of the raid members a one-time-use spell to create a huge line of damaging void energy up front of them. This spell hurts both friends and enemies and is called Annihilation, for that’s exactly what it does!

Though normally the tanks pick up this spell (pro-tip: it’s required to kill the other monsters Vexiona summons during the fight), this time Dorasmus got a hold of it. He showed no remorse in turning it on the rest of the raid…

This comic also begins my new comic series, Resurgence, which, just like Gentlemen Assassins, is named after the raiding guild from which all of these comics were inspired by! It also conveniently begins in January of 2020, thus ending the (almost) yearly cycle of the Gentlemen Assassins series. (Links to my comics and other artworks can be found on the main art page of the site, here: ) I look forward to another year of raid shenanigans and their comic(al) incarnations on this site! (And hope you do, too!)

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