Wise Choices

Comic of an orc warlock who summoned a Demonic Gateway on top of his Soulwell while his guild fought Mythic-difficulty Jaina.
Making good decisions: an essential part of raid leading.

In the lull of the last months of the Battle for Azeroth expansion, the Wombo Combo raid team put together a series of Mythic difficulty Jaina kills so we could all have a shot at getting her special water elemental mount. As we heavily out-geared the content by then, our strategy mostly consisted of beating on the boss until she went down rather than follow the normal mechanics. This didn’t stop some members of the raid team from trying to spice things up, however!

Here one of the warlocks was asked to conjure a soulwell, which gives out healthstones to restore health instantly when they’re used. He also included a demonic gateway which would send the hapless clicker right up to Jaina if their cursor was just a few pixels off! Cerryan might not have been amused. I’ve happily blanked that bit from memory.

Before anyone accuses me of foul play here, I’m at a loss to identify the warlock featured in this comic. My notes say Kurdhige from the Bleeding Hollow server was responsible, but on looking him up on the World of Warcraft Armory for an appearance reference, I couldn’t find any character named this. For now, we can simply blame Dor’khan, or as he’s affectionately named in my roleplaying circles, “Dorc the Orc”.

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