The Search for Seryth

Chapter 10: "I suggest you keep your disguise up," said Daelin, as Ezran got ready to make way. "Fordrellon is a very traditional paladin, shall we say. He doesn't like your kind, even if you personally follow the same Light." "I don't guess Seryth has increased his opinion of people like me as it is," said Ezran with a grin.

Daelin frowned. “I had hoped our reunion would have been a happier one than it turned out to be.”

“You expected to meet again?” Ezran quipped. “Tell me honestly. When you saw my backend disappearing up that mountain, did you really think you’d see me again?”

“I trusted on some level you’d find your way out of the worst of circumstances, as you usually do,” said Daelin.

“Really?” said Ezran, taken aback.

“Though it got harder as time went on, and there was no message from you. Why is that, Ezran?”

Ezran pursed his lips. “I can’t really explain my experiences. The Light was involved. Let’s leave it at that.”

“Let’s hope the Light continues to be involved, in that case,” said Daelin, giving Ezran’s hired hippogryph a slap.

“Have some faith,” said Ezran, and he kicked the hippogryph into the air.

Fordrellon was short and to the point, something Ezran appreciated. He came to meet Ezran as soon as he touched down near Lorlathil. He briefly explained the situation, how his fellow paladins had been called to Val’sharah to counter a coming demon invasion. Seryth, the paladin claimed, had once been on their side, fighting against the demons, but he had fallen to temptation and had appeared to have joined forces with them.

“Appeared to have?” Ezran asked.

Fordrellon frowned. “I have reports of infighting amongst the demons, but that is not out of the ordinary for their kind.”

“Do you think it’s possible Seryth is driving a rebellion within their ranks? To weaken them for you?”

“No,” said Fordrellon shortly. “Don’t press me on this.”

Ezran was about to, for he thought it likely there was more to Seryth’s defection than met the eye, but he remembered Daelin’s warning and subsided.

“Daelin tells me you’re more than an ordinary soldier,” said Fordrellon into the silence that followed.

“He was correct,” said Ezran.

“Hm. I don’t care for cloak and dagger, but I need someone to scout for the weak point in demon armies.”

“My blade is yours to command,” said Ezran.

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