The Search for Seryth

Chapter 4: A small group of farmers were gathered at the Furlbrow farm when Ezran rode up. One was even in a Stormwind uniform: it seemed the death of the Furlbrows had reached the ears of the kingdom authorities. Whatever had happened must've been serious.

Ezran double-checked his disguise before joining the gathering. He could see the Stormwind official was getting impatient, and no wonder, the farmers were telling stories of everything from a demon to a murloc as having been responsible for the Furlbrows’ death. Thinking of the faint scent of fel he had caught in Sentinel’s Hill, Ezran wondered at the former.

As the hypotheses of the farmers grew more and more wild, Ezran stepped in. As someone who had served during the Wars — he said this outloud — he considered himself well-armed and well-skilled enough to be able to investigate such dangerous creatures as any demons in the area for collusion. The Stormwind official looked doubtful, but said he wouldn’t mind the help and waved Ezran off.

Ezran was somewhat more surprised by the reactions of the farmers. They regarded him with suspicion and were very tight-lipped when he plied them for information.

He instead expanded his search to the coast, recalling one of the farmers talking hysterically of murlocs.

He ran into gnolls before he ran into murlocs. They seemed to be patrolling the beach rather than living on it, and Ezran stalked them.

The gnolls were organizing for something; it was all Ezran could glean. He turned back to the Jansen Stead.

The Stormwind official was unimpressed with his report. The gnolls were a frequent thorn in Westfall’s side, and, in the words of the official, “it didn’t take an investigation to know they might be attacking farmers.” He seemed willing to call the case closed then and there.

The farmers didn’t agree, but they knew better than to challenge the word of the official out in the open. One of them motioned to Ezran as he was turning to leave.

“Will you meet us at Saldeans’ place, later?” she asked.

Ezran agreed with a nod.

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