The Search for Seryth

Chapter 1: The ship inched its way into the Stormwind docks. Ezran checked his reflection in the water, satisfied that his illusion was still in place. It was one of the best that money could buy, so he didn't expect any problems. Hardly anyone took a second glance at the supposed high elf as he wandered his way up into the city proper. He hadn't been to the human city in years, and he was curious as to how it had changed. For a start, the roads seemed busier than he remembered.

He checked the note in his pocket again. It didn’t give him much information, only a scrap of a rumor about the location of an old Farstrider contact of his. He supposed the easiest way to find such a person would be at the embassy, where he had heard Alleria Windrunner and some of her followers had recently come back to the city.

There was something a littleā€¦off about the embassy, and Ezran touched the holy symbol of the Light at his throat, but he couldn’t place the uneasy twinge as being anything more than a passing feeling.

The embassy was mostly empty, late that it was in the evening, and Ezran cursed his forgetting of such human habits as sleeping during the night and being awake during the day.

A void elf, her skin pale like she had used much too much makeup, greeted him in a friendly manner and asked if he had any questions or had trouble fitting in as an immigrant from Quel’Thalas. Ezran replied that he hadn’t, but that he wasn’t too worried about settling into Stormwind because he was looking for a particular Farstrider.

He passed his note to her, bending the Light slightly around the piece of parchment so that only the letters he wanted her to see would be visible. She squinted at the note, and squinted at him.

“This would be before our time,” she said. “A Farstrider from the Second War? You’d have more luck going north to Arathi or as far as the Plaguelands than here.”

Ezran replied he was quite certain his friend was closer to Stormwind, but nonetheless thanked her and said he would look into it.

As he left the embassy, he did as he had pledged and seriously considered her advice. He knew some Farstriders had also chosen to move to Dalaran, but he had been so certain that the one he was seeking was here in Stormwind.

He spent the rest of the night wandering the streets, watching the bars fill up and then slowly empty againas the night dragged on. Towards dawn, he negotiated for the purchase of a horse for easier movement, then found himself drifting in the direction of the Trade District. It sounded like he would be here a long time, much longer than he expected, and until he could pick up on the trail, he supposed it would be prudent to refresh himself on his craftsmen skills. Besides, crafters talked. He might hear something.

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