To Protect and Preserve, Part Two

Evelos hadn’t yet built a paddock or barn for his new horse, seeing as how he hadn’t expected to own one until his impulsive choice at the barn of the criminally neglectful farmer. He only hesitated a little before bringing the ragged courser right with in into his cottage. Continue reading “To Protect and Preserve, Part Two”

To Protect and Preserve, Part One

The courser was eying him just as studiously, and when Evelos went to pull on the handle of the stall door, it sprung into motion. Its horn, still sharp and strong, cracked deep into the wood of the enclosure. Evelos sprung away, shaking. If there hadn’t been four inches of heavy wood between them, he would have been speared.

I used to volunteer at a horse rescue. Some of what Evelos goes through here was inspired by those experiences Continue reading “To Protect and Preserve, Part One”

Trials, Page Three

Keelath greets Mirium and Evelos. Evelos leaves, seeming upset but feigning that he needs to care for his charger. Keelath speculates Evelos will do better in weapons training. Mirium expresses doubts. Keelath shows Mirium a mysterious scroll, saying she's not the only one who is doubting.
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Keelath: Hello, Mirium, my love. Hello, son. Did you have a good ride?

Evelos: I… I should go get Fleet cooled out.

Keelath: Hmm… Still not clicking for him?

Mirium: No…

Keelath: Well, maybe when we move onto weapons, he’ll take to it.

Mirium: Keelath…

Keelath: Hmm?

Mirium: I’ve been thinking. Maybe this isn’t the right path for Evelos. I know you wish him to become a paladin like you, but he doesn’t have that kind of heart.

Keelath: ….

Keelath: Well… You’re not the only one who thinks so…

*(For those who can’t read my atrocious handwriting.)

Trials, Page Two

Evelos, a wuyon'mar elf, is almost unseated from his charger (unicorn). His mother, Mirium, admonishes him. Evelos winces as he hears the greeting of his father, Keelath, as the older 'mar enters from the main gate.
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Mirium: Straighten him up! Don’t let him get away with that! Outside rein! No, no, no…

Mirium: What happened?

Evelos: He wouldn’t listen!

Mirium: You have to be confident and follow through with your commands!

Evelos: But I…

Evelos: I don’t think I’m cut out for this…

Mirium: Oh, Evelos! A charger is a friend for life, but you have to respect each other.

Fleet: *snort!*

Mirium: Isn’t that right, Carrot-Brain?

Fleet: *nicker*

Keelath: Hallo!

Mirium: That would be your father. He’ll want to see your progress–Evelos?

Evelos: …

*(For those who can’t read my atrocious handwriting.)

Evelos the Ren’Dorei: Special Edition

I was going through some of my more recent work to get my new web comic set up here on the site (more on that later), and I found I had saved a few work-in-progress sketches for Evelos the Ren’Dorei. I decided to also post these, for those folks who are interested in my process for character sketches.

I admit to sitting here for several minutes trying to decide on a good title for this. Behind the Scenes? Special Edition? Sketches? Doodles? Work in Progress? I-Don’t-Even-Know? This-Is-Too-Long-For-The-Title-Window-So-Someone-Help-Me-Please…? Continue reading “Evelos the Ren’Dorei: Special Edition”

Evelos the Ren’Dorei

A painting of Evelos in his ren’dorei (void elf) form. This was my second attempt at using my new drawing tablet, and my first attempt at adding shading to a character by making use of multiple layers.

finished painting of Evelos the void elf with tentacles

You can read more about how I did this in its accompanying Special Edition post. You can read more about Evelos the character in these posts, though at present, no stories about him once his transformation into a void elf have made it onto this website.