Leap of Faith

Worgen warlock charges Fetid Devourer of Uldir raid of World of Warcraft to give it a hug, but is pulled back by a void elf priest using the priest spell Leap of Faith.
Somebody has a death wish, and not just at the hands (claws?) of the boss.

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A short intermission to bring you shenanigans (is the singular form “shenanigan,” I wonder?) from my Alliance-side raid. Ephrius, also known as Lucifur (who unfortunately shares a name with Lucy, despite being entirely different characters), has a habit of running full tilt at bosses variably barking, roaring, or, well, squeeing.

Zhe is a warlock. Warlocks typically do not survive being stomped on directly by the boss. One of these days I might just “forget” to use Leap of Faith on zir, which is a priest spell that pulls a raid member to stand atop the priest who cast it. Until then? Worgen hug denied.

The boss featured in this comic is Fetid Devourer, who is the third (or fourth, or fifth, depending on how you run it) boss of the Uldir raid of World of Warcraft. Ephrius is a worgen who I am told bears the distinction of having a tail, horns, sometimes a pair of wings, and no distinguishable gender. Confused? Me too.

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