A Cold Day in Coldarra

The rogue sneaks ahead and attacks the enemy. The enemy goes rushing back to where the rest of the rogue's unsuspecting party is waiting.
This might be why no one groups with Furen anymore.

Tricks of the Trade is a rogue ability like a hunter’s Misdirection, where using it on a party member transfers all generated threat to the party member instead of the rogue. It appears over the head of the target as a pocket knife icon. One of my favorite tricks is to use this spell on the tank, stealth up to the next pack of monsters in a dungeon, and then go all ham on them. The monsters go running all the way across the dungeon to attack the tank instead of me. Let’s just say my tank was…not very impressed with me this day.

A few things about the drawing of this one: so many blues to balance with each other! Also, have you ever actually taken a close look at the armor of the monsters in Coldarra? They are ugly as sin. I love those mage hunter puppies though.

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