Fly on the Wall

Furen the rogue and Tyrdan the paladin are trapped against the wall after being thrown into the air by an enemy mage.
Furen got into a lot of trouble that day.

This actually occurred on the same day and in the same encounter as the comic “A Cold Day in Coldarra”. Somehow, someway, in pulling the next pack of enemies, Furen also pulled the second boss of the Nexus, Grand Magus Telestra. One of this boss’s abilities is to throw all of her enemies high in the air. However, because we were not in the same room as her, we instead flew up against the side of the wall…and stuck there, for the rest of the fight.

Though I’m not remembering who else was with us on that fateful dungeon run, pictured here is Alelsa and Yotingo in his tiger form. The yelling paladin in both comics is Tyrdan.

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