A Meeting Observed

Character Icon of Malcotin, worgen.The lab was quite spacious, considering where it was. Malcotin had enough room to build a small efficient apartment on one end, complete with a privy and kitchenette. His bed was large enough to fit his worgen form, not like some beds in the city, which seemed to be made for gnomes!

The meeting scheduled for the next day had Malcotin curious about this Talthan Dawnspell. Who was he and why did he want to meet with an Alliance death knight? He could only assume the elf or one of his friends witnessed the fight, and saw him raise the Ogron. Malcotin frowned. He turned to the newly raised human, “George, I have some spare clothing for you, since your old robe was too much of a mess. Let’s see if we can make you respectable. I shall need a bodyguard that will not raise too much attention.”

“I am grateful you chose to raise me, Master Baen. Am I now a Forsaken?” He asked with a bit of confusion.

The necromancer nodded absently, “I suppose you could pass for one. You are undead and do not function as if you were alive. You are, however, bound to me, and you will not serve the Dark Lady. Do not worry about fitting in. Most of them will not care who you were or are, they will see you only as one of them.” he suddenly smiled.

“That will work to my advantage. Ah yes, you can walk amongst them and they will not know you are still Alliance. If your memory comes back enough, you will become once more what you were, a mage or a warlock. I am not sure, since the only spell you managed to cast was a fireball that missed.” Malcotin continued to speak even as he rummaged in his closet for a simple robe for the man.

“I think I remember a bit more now, but some things elude me. I was a mage of great power!” George insisted. “I do not think my name is George, but I do not mind for now. So you wish me to infiltrate the Forsaken?”

Malcotin shrugged. “If it becomes necessary for you to go to Silvermoon or Orgrimmar, you will fit in. Just remember to be vague on your loyalties. We are at a tenuous peace at the moment. That never lasts long, but skirmishes are few and far between. Make necessary homage to whoever is leader now and just act a bit confused if you do not know what is going on. They accept that amongst the Forsaken.”

The deep maroon robes seemed a proper fit for George and Malcotin handed them over. “These are a bit plain but they will fit you. Pants and shoes are over here. Pick what you like and you can start working by cleaning up my lab. You will find you do not need sleep or food. But I do like to keep things neat here. In time I will be working on you and possibly giving you some more responsibilities. You will have to learn the way to the lab, so you can follow Felix here the next time he goes out for supplies.”

Malcotin was quite pleased with George, he seemed compliant and willing to cooperate. He would work well for Malcotin’s needs. The ghoul was too simple minded, one of Malcotin’s earlier efforts that was only fit for easy tasks. The addition of using the rod and fresh blood from the wizard, seemed to work far better. George retained most of his mind, and his speech was normal. Though the faint echo of the grave only inforced the idea he was Forsaken. This was a whole new game.

“So I am still Alliance? I am now confused, Master Baen. You consider yourself Alliance as a worgen, this I remember. But I will not be able to go to Stormwind, and I am not sure I could make my way to Orgrimmar without getting lost.” he whined.

Malcotin gave a sigh of frustration. “I can see you will need some time to adjust. Just stay here and when you get bored of cleaning, you can read some of my books in my small library. It has some history books as well as some magic tomes and a few novels. Before the Lich King raised me, I was a mage as well. Though now my spells are limited, they are of great power. I prefer to stay in Dalaran. Its a neutral city and they do not care what I do as long as it is not blatantly against the rules. You know far too well that necromancy is one of the taboo things. But they actually do not enforce that. So you stay here until I feel you are ready to go out and do whatever I tell you to do. Is that clear?” His tone was commanding, yet quietly given.

“Yes, Master Baen.” The humbled mage bowed. He then proceeded to finish clothing himself and started to clean the lab up.

Malcotin nodded in satisfaction and then set to work researching his files for the coming meeting. He worked all that evening and then at dawn he left the lab to inquire at the local shops to see if he could learn anything about this Talthan. His curiosity only enforced by the lack of information to be found. In due time, he arrived at the Ledgerdemain and sat in the corner. Ordering a simple brandy, he waited to see if this Talthan Dawnspell would show up.

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